Abcmouse price, free apps & review 2020

Online education is booming each year. E-learning of all levels is available on the internet. When we talk about online education or kid activities, Abcmouse tops the list of all platforms. It has developed the curriculum for kids of two age groups 2 to 8 years and 8 to 13 years. The curriculum has different activities and keeps the kids engaged with online learning.

Here in this post we are going to review Abcmouse platform in detail.

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What is Abcmouse?

Abcmouse is an online learning platform for the kids of age group 2 – 8 years. It supports multiple devices like a web browser, android app, IOS app and you can access this platform at any time and any place.

It has 850 lessons of 10 different levels and more than 9000 activities for kids. The lessons are divided subject-wise. Abcmouse has developed a learning path that starts from very basic and progresses to difficult levels. However. following the learning path is not compulsory. You can attempt any activities your children are interested in. But following the learning path is recommended for best results.

Before diving deep in this kids learning module, I will review the Abcmouse subscription price first.

Abcmouse subscription price

The Abcmouse price is the same across the world. Unlike other subscription-based platforms, it is available in all countries with the same subscription plan. It has two membership plans.

  • Abcmouse monthly plan
  • Abcmouse yearly plan

There is no difference in content when we compare both plans. You will have access to all lessons and activities irrespective of your membership. However, there is a difference in payment frequency and plan cost.

The monthly membership price is $9.95 per month. As it is a monthly plan so you will need to pay each month. To subscribe to Abcmouse subscription, the user has to submit a valid credit card details. The monthly price is deducted automatically each month.

The Abcmouse yearly subscription costs $59.99 per year. With the annual plan, you can save almost 50% a year. But you will need to pay the entire subscription cost for the year upfront.

In case, you are short of cash and do not want to pay the entire cost upfront, you can go with the installment option. But with this option, you can save only 33% rather than 50%. There will be 4 installments of $19.75, paid during the first 4 months.

Get 3 Months of ABCmouse for $9.95!

In addition to these payment options, Abcmouse keeps customizing its payment as per customer’s convenience. However, the total cost remains the same. You can check all active ABCmouse promo codes here.

Abcmouse free trial

Whenever we signup for a new service, we like to test its feature before signup. Abc mouse also offers a free trial of 30 days before charging its subscription cost. Once you sign up for its free trial, you will have access to the complete early age learning curriculum. During the trial period, you can log in free and your children can attempt all learning activities online.

Before the end of Abcmouse free service, you can cancel ABCmouse subscription at any time without paying any fee. If you do not cancel it within 30 days, you will be charged the amount as per the subscription plan. To start the free Abcmouse service, you can click here. This service is for parents only.

In case, you are a teacher and want to use Abcmouse online learning for children in your school, you can access it totally free of cost. I am explaining it in the next step.

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds

Abcmouse free for teachers

For teachers in the United States & Canada, the early learning curriculum is free. But in other countries, you will need to subscribe to it by paying a subscription fee.

They will need to create a teacher account and fill up all required details like Name, email address, password, state, district and school. Once you choose the state and district name, it will show you the list of all registered schools. In case, your school name is not given, you can click on others and fill all details of your school.

abcmouse free for teachers

Click on the next button to submit these details. After that, your details will be verified and your Abcmouse free teacher account will be activated.

The free teacher account is for public school and private school teachers. This account can be used for in-school and classroom activities only.

Gift Card

Nothing can be a better gift than adding value to someone’s life. This is the reason learning platforms like CuriosityStream and Abcmouse are offering subscription as a gift card. You can send Abcmouse subscription as a gift card.

To get a gift card, you will need to click on Is this a gift Card tab. Once you click it, a new page will open up.

Abcmouse gift card

Enter the details like email, name and payment details. There are multiple payment options. You can choose anyone you are comfortable with. Payment options available are credit cards, debit cards, Paypal and Amazon pay. Enter the details given in the below image and click on the submit tab.

On the next page, you can customize the Abcmouse gift card. You can print it or email it directly to the receiver of the gift. There will be a subscription code in the gift card which will be used to activate the Abcmouse membership.

The Abcmouse price related queries are covered and let’s move to the curriculum part now. What the children will learn and what activities are covered at an early age learning curriculum.

Early age learning curriculum

The curriculum is designed for kids of age 02 years to 08 years old. When you log in to the early age academy, you will find eight activities area which is as follows.

  1. Learning Path
  2. Classroom
  3. Map
  4. About me
  5. Farm
  6. What’s new
  7. Featured activities
  8. Things to do

In the learning path, the kids will attempt activities step by step. All the activities are like games and help kids to understand animal names, voice, counting and activities on the farm. The difficulty level keeps upgrading with each learning path. This is designed as per kid’s age and keep children engaged with the learning program.

Classroom activities

In classroom activities, reading & writing, math, science, health, social studies, art & music, library, games & puzzles are covered step by step. There is one tab for videos in which you will find thousands of short videos covering all these subjects from the very basic level. In addition to videos, children will learn these topics through activities.

Similarly, other tabs also have learning activities and videos. The best part of Abcmouse academy is that the kids will not be bored during and will continue to explore it. There is no dearth of activities and lessons in this curriculum.

While creating an account, you will need to provide kid information to create a profile. If you have two children or more, you can create a profile for each child. You can see the performance of each kid by visiting his profile and analyze how he/she is doing.

When you subscribe to Abcmouse, you also get access to Abcmouse free apps for kids learning. You can download the mobile app in your mobile and let your children start learning with activities.

Abc Mouse apps

Abcmouse has around 15 apps on play store and 08 apps on apple store. All the apps are free for Abcmouse subscribers. To access these apps on your mobile, you need to visit the app store and search Abcmouse apps.

Thereafter install the apps and log in using your Abcmouse account credential. These apps are also available in the Amazon store. The list of Abc mouse apps is given below:

Abcmouse apps

AppKids AgeSubject
ABCmouseUpto 8 yearsEducation
Adventure Academy6-12 yearsLearning activities
Reading IQAbove 03 yearsReading
Mastering the AlphabetUpto 05 yearsAlphabet
Mathematics AnimationsUpto 05 yearsMath
Music VideosUpto 05 yearsMusic
Magic Rainbow TraceablesUpto 08 yearsTracing activities
Language arts animationsUpto 05 yearsLanguage arts
Mastering mathUpto 05 yearsMath
ABCmouse ZooUpto 05 yearsZoo activities
Science AnimationUpto 05 yearsScience
Mastering Math: Teacher EdUpto 08 yearsMath
Rakuten ABCmouseUpto 05 yearsJapanese version
ABCmouseUpto 05 yearsChinese version
Search & ExploreUpto 05 yearsActivities

As you can see in the above table, each subject has a dedicated app. This is a complete kid learning apps bundle and you don’t need to install another app for your kid. Moreover, kids can open and play these apps even while offline.

Installing all these apps are totally free whether you have subscribed to ABCmouse or not. However, you can access limited content on the free version. You will need to pay to access complete learning material in the app.

It is expensive to install each app and paying for individual apps. Subscribing to ABCmouse and accessing apps as well as lessons and activities are economical.

We recommend you signup for a free trial. You can check all apps, lessons, activities during the free trial also. The duration of free trial is 30 days so you can easily analyze its impact on your children’s learning. Once you are fully satisfied, continue the paid subscription.

ABCmouse review

8.9 Total Score
Best Kids learning program

It is the most advanced curriculum for kid's learning developed by early age learning academy. In terms of content and quality, no one is even close to it. Also offering a 30 days free trial to test its services, is definitely a plus. The annual plan pricing is okay. But the monthly plan seems to be slightly at the higher end.

  • Free trial of 30 days.
  • Covers all aspects of kid's development.
  • Best for tracking Kid's learning and interests.
  • Separate profile options for different kids.
  • Support multiple devices.
  • Available offline.
  • Bundle of 15 apps free with ABCmouse subscription.
  • Available in limited languages.
  • Require a valid credit card for a free trial.
User Rating: 5 (2 votes)


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