A treat for sports fans, and when combined with Disney - a family bonanza.

Nitika Dahiya | Streaming Expert

I rate ESPN+ a 9.5/10. ESPN+ is a good option if you don't have cable and want to watch sports on the cheap. It doesn't broadcast NBA or NFL games live, but it does broadcast NHL and MLB games and a lot of soccer and many college sports. 


Admission to exclusively written material, including in-depth sports analysis and interviews, as well as access to UFC pay-per-view events, are two of ESPN+'s standout features. In addition, if you appreciate reading sports articles, ESPN+ has over 3,000 articles produced by prominent sportswriters.


ESPN+ promotes the "30 for 30" documentary series, which delves into the lives of sports legends and other sports-related tales. In addition, ESPN+ can be packaged with Disney+ and Hulu (or Hulu + Live TV) as one of Disney's three streaming services. 


Finally, there is little danger involved in trying out ESPN+ live stream packages. Because the service is billed on a month-to-month basis, there is no contract and no cancellation fees if you decide to discontinue. ESPN Plus provides a wide range of live sports in a low-cost package. 

However, the sports behemoth must figure out a means to make it easy to identify and remember when those live events occur.

Get Started With ESPN Plus Now!

ESPN+ is a service to stream global sports and gives subscribers access to thousands of live games from the MLB, NHL, MLS, and Top Rank Boxing.


On this platform, you can also watch collegiate sports, pay-per-view programming like UFC Fight Night, and original sports movies and series, like the "30 for 30" documentary library. ESPN+ (together with Hulu and Disney) is one of Disney's three streaming services, with over 12 million customers in the United States.


ESPN+ account can be accessed via the ESPN website and app. The service excludes ESPN's primary programs, such as SportsCenter and live NFL and NBA broadcasts but still offers much content.

ESPN+ packages

Affordable plans and an exciting Disney+ Hulu Bundle- that summarises ESPN+ 

  • ESPN+ is priced at $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Live streaming for various sports and college sports is included in each subscription. 
  • There are no live NFL or NBA games available. 
  • Original material from sports icons, such as Peyton Manning's "Peyton's Places," is available on ESPN+. 
  • The entire library of the popular documentary series "30 for 30" is available to you. 
  • If you're a UFC fan with an ESPN+ subscription, you'll be able to watch all of the UFC pay-per-view events.
  • ESPN+ has a per-month base subscription containing advertisements. 
  • There are no additional plans or add-ons available, and there is no opportunity to pay a more significant amount for an ad-free subscription. 
  • If you want to watch UFC pay-per-view events, you'll need an ESPN+ subscription to do so. 
  • You can purchase a single UFC event or combine it with your annual ESPN+ subscription for $89.98. 
  • If you like the material on ESPN+ but want to watch other things as well, Disney's packaged plan of all its streaming services might be for you. 
  • A monthly ESPN+ bundle of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ costs $13.99.

ESPN + features

Content catalog:

  • ESPN+ includes live game coverage, stories, and clips for a variety of sports, including some that aren't as well-known. 
  • SportsCenter is reduced to a "best of" bundle of its feature stories. You'll also have access to ESPN Plus-only content, such as Draft Academy. 
  • The service is incredibly tempting to soccer enthusiasts, which means you'll be able to watch more than 250 out-of-market soccer matches at a fraction of the price – MLS Live costs $80 per year, versus $49.99 per year. 
  • Twenty PGA Tour events, Grand Slam tennis matches, and live boxing will be broadcast on ESPN Plus.
  • Detail, a brand that delivers in-depth analysis from top competitors across several sports; ESPN FC, a daily soccer show; and In the Crease, which provides daily hockey analysis and highlights, are all in-house series produced exclusively for the ESPN+ platform.

User Interface:

  • The experience is navigated by a top navigation bar that includes features, Originals, Browse, Schedules & Replays, and Articles. 
  • The Features area highlights some of the service's most popular live and forthcoming events, as well as prominent on-demand series and ESPN+ originals.
  • The ESPN+ app offers a similar interface.

Streaming experience:

  • The web-based playback interface for ESPN+ works perfectly. 
  • You get 10-second rewind and fast-forward buttons, a go-to-Live control, and a toggle for the closed captions in addition to the regular playback and audio options. 
  • ESPN+ accounts can have up to three simultaneous streams, which is about typical. It used to support five concurrent streams, therefore this is a reduction. 
  • I couldn't check the precise streaming resolution or frame rate of ESPN+'s live feeds, although playback appeared to be at least 1080p and 60 frames per second.

What does it lack?


DVR Storage:

  • ESPN+ does not provide any DVR. It does not, however, require one. After it has aired, all of the content that the station broadcasts will be available on demand. 
  • This means you can watch any ESPN+ athletic event or other ESPN+ channels whenever you want, without having to remember to record it to your cloud DVR.

Parental controls:

  • ESPN+ doesn't have any parental controls, which is understandable given the nature of the service's content. 
  • There are no parental ratings on any of the shows on the service. 

VPN Compatibility:

  • ESPN+, on the other hand, is only available in the United States, so it would have a motive to restrict you from streaming over a VPN. 
  • I connected a desktop and a mobile device to Mullvad VPN servers in the United States for testing, and ESPN+ was blocked on both platforms.

Free trial

  • ESPN+ used to provide a free trial, but it no longer does. 
  • You must now purchase a plan right away, but you have the option to cancel your membership at any moment.


If you're a big sports enthusiast, you're probably not going to find enough on ESPN Plus to warrant the membership cost. Baseball fans who want a daily out-of-market game but don't want to pay five times as much for MLB would be an exception.   The more extensive offering on television. However, if you're interested in sports other than the Big Four of baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, ESPN Plus has something for you, particularly with its huge soccer selection. ESPN Plus isn't a cable replacement, but it will cater to sports fans with a specific set of interests.  

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