An extensive collection of shows and movies at reasonable cost

Paushali Banerjee | Streaming Expert

I rate Showtime an 8.8 on 10. Showtime is a usable video streaming service in many ways, but for most individuals, the cost of entrance is unlikely to be worth it in the long run.


Showtime provides on-demand access to a good selection of original episodes and Showtime movies, as well as live streaming of Showtime cable channels. 


On the other hand, the service places undue restrictions on offline downloads and needs to improve its accessibility. Showtime material is available in two formats: Showtime and Showtime Anytime. There’s no need for a  Showtime anytime activation as it's for those who already have a Showtime cable subscription.


The content catalog of Showtime might not be the most glamorous of all other streaming platforms, but it still has quite a decent collection. The subscription package does not create an enormous hole in the pocket, so it leaves little room to sneak in this service.

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Showtime is an OTT subscription service akin to HBO and Starz that offers a commercial-free experience. Showtime, which debuted in 1976, has become one of the most popular premium services on the market.


Showtime, which ViacomCBS (previously Viacom) owned, is one of the most popular premium channels available. Its library includes films, originalShowtime shows, boxing fights, and stand-up comedy specials.


The subscription package takes advantage of ViacomCBS' partnerships with studios, including Paramount Pictures. The company reported a total of 36 million global subscribers in the first quarter of 2021, with most people subscribing to Showtime and Paramount +.

SHOWTIME subscription Cost

  • A single subscription to Showtime costs $11/month or $10.99 per month. 
  • The channel can be availed through streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video at $10.99. FuboTV offers a bundle of Showtime, Starz and Epix at $19.99. Youtube Prime offers it as an add-on with Starz at $ 30/month.

  • The fact that ViacomCBS owns showtime makes it easy to bundle it with its other streaming services like Paramount + for $13.99 (Paramount + Essential and Showtime) or $18.99 (Paramount + Premium and Showtime) every month.
  •  It may be purchased as an add-on to the Disney +, ESPN+, and Hulu bundle for a rate of $13.99/month or $19.99/ month.


User Interface:

  • Showtime's online interface is simple and well-organized, with black features and a dark background suitable for viewing at late hours. 
  • The red and black interface gives it a classy and sophisticated appearance. 

DVR Storage:

  • Showtime subscription doesn't have a DVR like YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV, but you can download movies and series to view while you're not connected to the internet.
  • There is no particular DVR storage, but there is an option to download the content offline.

Simultaneous streams:

  • According to Showtime, subscribers of this service have the liberty to activate up to five devices simultaneously, and they can stream from up to three devices simultaneously.
  •  If you go over the limit, you can manage your device activations on Showtime's website.

Parental Controls:

  • You can configure parental controls for each account in the Showtime app.
  • Open the Showtime app and go to Settings to access the parental controls. Select your preferred maturity ratings under Viewing Preferences.

Showtime Free trial:

  • Showtime offers a 30-day free trial. After the 30 days Showtime free trial mark, you need to sign up for the service. 

Streaming experience:

  • Showtime's playback interface contains limited playback and volume control buttons along the bottom of the screen. 
  • Closed-captioning options are also available right on the playing screen.


  • You'll discover everything from Academy Award winners to fan favorites in Showtime's movie library. 

  • Showtime's library includes 78 series and nearly 550 films. 

The channels under Showtime are enlisted below:

  • Showtime Family Zone 

  • Showtime Next 

  • Showtime Women

  • Showtime 

  • Showtime 2

  • Showcase

  • SHO×BET 

  • Showtime Extreme


It also includes its sister channels:

  • CBS

  • CBS Sports Network

  • The CW

  • Pop TV

  • TV Land

  • MTV

  • VH1

  • Nickelodeon

  • Paramount Network

  • Logo

  • CMT

  • BET

  • Comedy Central

  • The Movie Channel

  • Flix

  • Smithsonian Channel


Despite having a smaller overall library than its competitors, Showtime has more successful original programming.



Showtime, a video streaming service from the same-named cable channel, has a modest but high-quality original show roster, a solid Showtime movies library, and access to Showtime channel live feeds.   However, I saw several interface and streaming difficulties, and I'm not fond of the arbitrary offline download restrictions. Nevertheless, if you appreciate Showtime's streaming material, a membership may be worthwhile.

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