Perfect streaming experience but with a neverending scarcity of content.

Nitika Dahiya | Streaming Expert

I rate Apple Tv + a 8.6/10. Apple TV Plus is best understood as a digital reincarnation of old-school video stores, operating solely as a rental business. While a one-week trial won't get you through everything unless you're a serious binger, there's little incentive to stay enrolled for more than a month or two.


The biggest issue with Apple TV+ is that its features are limited in comparison to those of many of its rivals. It has a small library of higher-quality apple TV+ movies and series, with only a few dozen titles. 


For some, the limited library is a deal killer, but Apple TV+ has other benefits. To begin with, it's inexpensive: at $4.99 per month, it's less expensive than almost all of its competitors, yet despite the low price, it's ad-free and features content in 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos sound. 


You can also get an Apple TV + free year if you recently purchased an Apple product. It also works well, according to most people: the UI is simple (if not totally intuitive), and it works on most platforms (though Android phones and tablets will require you to utilize a web browser). 

If the material on Apple TV+ piques your attention, it's worth it – and if you have the cash, it could be a good complement to a larger streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. 

Get Started With Apple TV plus Now!

Apple TV+ is a subscription-based streaming service that allows customers to watch Apple's original TV films and Apple TV+ shows. Although you can access Apple TV+ on both the Apple TV streaming device and the Apple TV app, it is different.


Apple TV is embedded into all Apple devices and lets you watch shows from Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming applications, but you'll have to pay extra to watch Apple TV+ on your Apple TV app. 


Up to six persons can stream at the same time on a single account. Apple Inc. is the owner of Apple TV+. Though the parent firm hasn't said how many people have signed up for the program, other sources estimate that it has between 10 and 40 million users.

Apple TV plus package

An affordable subscription package including an Apple TV Plus free trial.

  • Apple TV+'s cost is fixated at $4.99 a month and gives users complete access to the service without advertisements. 
  • Apple TV+ is one of the cheapest major streaming platforms; competing services Peacock and Crunchyroll, both have free plans, but you'll have to deal with advertising, and Peacock's $4.99 premium plan also has ads. 
  • As a standalone service, Apple TV+ only has one plan at $4.99/month, but it can be included in bundles and deals with other Apple products. 
  • Apple One, for example, costs $14.95 a month and bundles together multiple Apple services such as Apple Music, iCloud, and Apple TV+.
  • However, many consumers will pay nothing for their first year of Apple TV+ subscription because it is now free with the purchase of practically any new Apple gadget, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and even the Apple TV. 
  • You can share your membership with six family members, and all six persons on the account can stream at the same time, regardless of how much you pay (or don't).


Quality viewing experience:

  • The technical capabilities of Apple TV+ are amazing. Subscribers can use the Apple TV app to download content for offline viewing on iOS devices.
  •  Offline viewing is available on CBS All Access, HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video, and Showtime. 
  • Only Hulu's premium ad-free tier subscribers have access to this feature. 
  • Apple TV+ subscription can be shared with their subscribers up to six people by using Apple's Family Sharing function, but most TV Channels limit simultaneous viewing to three. 
  • Originals are "subtitled and/or dubbed in approximately 40 languages, including Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH) or closed captions," according to Apple, and audio descriptions are supported in eight languages.

VPN compatibility:

  • Apple TV+ is compatible with a basic VPN service provider and the streaming is not interrupted due to the same. 

Content Catalog:

  • Apple TV+ users gain access to Apple's library of fresh and exclusive content, which includes 17 titles at the time of writing: 14 TV series and three films. 
  • Disney+, on the other hand, has 350 TV series and 500 films. Apple TV+ fails to show up for the numbers game rather than losing it. 
  • Apple TV+ shows original programming is at the very least entertaining. 
  • For All Mankind and Little American are particularly popular, although everything on Apple TV+ appears to be well-liked.


  • If you're watching Apple TV Plus on an Apple device, you'll already have access to built-in accessibility features like audio descriptions, subtitles, and closed captioning, which you can tweak in your settings. 
  • You can view which apple TV+ movies and shows offer descriptive audio and closed captions on both the Apple TV Plus app and the web browser. 
  • These features are now accessible in the majority of original titles.

Parental controls:

  • Apple TV+ has the same built-in controls as that found in I-phone or other apple devices. 

What does it lack?

Perplexing interface:

  • To see only Apple TV Plus material, go to the Channels section of the app and select Apple TV Plus from the list of options, which includes Showtime, Starz, and others. 
  • You'll see every show on the channel, although the navigation isn't flawless. There is no search box, and there is no bar across the top that allows you to scroll through TV shows, movies, and children's programs, as is customary. 
  • Although, at the bottom of the screen, under the Coming Soon area, you'll discover the most recent available trailers, which is useful for giving you an indication of what to expect.


  • Apple TV Plus can be seen on any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac) or through AirPlay. 
  • You can also watch on your computer, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, Samsung, LG, and Vizio smart TVs, and online. 
  • However, device support is limited compared to most other major services. 
  • Except for iPhones and iPads, Apple TV Plus isn't available on any mobile devices, so Android phone and tablet users are out of luck.


Unlike most streaming services, Apple TV+ subscription is primarily its original content, supplementing it with large TV episodes and movies from third parties. And, while almost all of the stuff is entertaining and of high AV quality, there is simply not enough of it.


Although Apple TV Plus is free for many people and reasonably inexpensive for those who pay, there's little to no reason not to check it out if you see a new film or TV show that piques your interest. It still feels like the service is missing a truly must-see show.

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