A kaleidoscope of over 7500 classics, no 4K content and a negligent DVR but at a very reasonable price

Paushali Banerjee | Streaming Expert

I rate Starz a 9.0 on 10 for its vast content but lack of DVR Storage. However, Starz offers a large movie selection, which allows for four simultaneous streams per account and mobile offline downloads. 


The service's original show lineup, on the other hand, falls short of the competition. Starz's accessibility choices and apps also need to be improved. However, the low price may be enough to overcome your reservations.


Like many other streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Starz allows users to download TV shows and movies to view later when they are not connected to the internet. However, it's worth noting that Starz doesn't provide DVR storage.


The service's selection of Hollywood hits and binge-worthy TV entertainment will provide plenty of options for viewers. In addition, it'll appeal to existing streaming service members who can expand their viewing options by purchasing Starz as an add-on that allows them to watch content on their favourite platform. You can check out the detailed STARZ subscription review here.

Get Started With STARZ Now!

Like HBO and Showtime, Starz creates original material while also providing a film and television collection that includes current releases and classics. Starz Encore and MoviePlex are Starz's sister channels.   Starz launched its streaming service in 2016 in reaction to HBO and Showtime's offerings, at a comparatively cheaper rate of $8.99 per month.   It has a large selection of Starz on-demand movies and classic TV series in its library. Original shows with loads of action, drama, crime, humor, and science fiction are also available on the service.

STARZ Subscription package

At $8.99/month pricing, Starz offers its service at par with all its competitors' basic price plans. 

  • The cost of a Starz add-on subscription varies depending on whatever streaming service you choose. 
  • Customers pay $8.99/month after the free trial, with no obligation to sign a long-term commitment.
  • STARZ yearly package with a discount is $74.99 per year. 
  • There is a Starz free seven-day trial option available. For Starz free trial, you must input a payment method.
  •  Starz is available as a stand-alone subscription. 
  • This cost can be compared to that of other streaming services.
  •  Hulu costs $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year, as previously stated. 
  • Netflix subscriptions cost $8.99 to $17.99 per month. 

STARZ App Features

User Interface :


The Starz streaming dashboard organizes titles in various categories, including Newly Added, Because You Liked], Popular, Original Content, and so on. Once users begin viewing, they will get more personalized recommendations. The interface offers even more sorting choices at the top of the screen. In addition, if you buy Starz on Hulu Live as an add-on to a service, you can get Live TV access to the channel.


Simultaneous streaming options:


The Starz streaming service offers four streams at once. This competes with Netflix's Premium package ($15.99/month), which allows you to watch on up to four screens at once. In addition, the Starz app is cross-platform, making it simple to switch between smartphones and smart TVs.


Multiple subscription choices:


Starz subscription can be purchased alone or as part of a subscription through streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Users can also get the service through a variety of cable or television providers on the Starz app. Direct subscriptions provide users access to the best of Starz, including all 12 live channels.


Hollywood bonanza:


Its main selling point is the extensive Starz movies library of Hollywood blockbusters. The platform has also compiled categories that include films starring and directed by some of the world's finest actors and filmmakers. The Starz channels host all of Starz's original content, and while not every Starz subscription through a streamer or cable will get you all of the media, subscribing directly through the Starz app will. 


Parental controls:


Starz has a good selection of programming across the classification spectrum, so having parental control options is a plus. It's also relatively simple to set them up. Enter a PIN and choose a maximum rating for both the TV and Movie categories that each profile is authorized to see.


What does STARZ subscription lack?




Sports are absent from Starz's lineup. Starz is primarily a movie, television show, and documentary channel and does not broadcast live sports. 


VPN compatibility:


When I connected to the VPN server, the mobile Starz app refused to log in to our account and even signed us out (after logging in without the active VPN connection). The same thing happened on the Starz website.




In terms of accessibility, Starz provides the bare minimum. You can't modify the appearance of the subtitles, for example, even though you can enable closed captioning. However, you are allowed to adjust the playback settings. 


Streaming experience:


Starz, annoyingly, inserts a pre-roll ad at the start of a show or movie. These shorts feature content from the Starz catalog, although not the usual ads but still not ideal. The majority of Starz's streaming programming is available in 1080p, which is fine but not up to Netflix or Prime Video's technological capabilities.


Starz on its own has no DVR, but if purchased as an add-on service, the DVR of Hulu or the other streaming service can be utilized.

STARZ add-on cost

Addons on Starz can be
  • Starz on Amazon Prime Video ($8.99/mo)
  • DirecTV Stream ($65/mo)
  • Hulu ($5.99/mo)
  • Sling TV ($35/mo)
  • YouTube TV ($49.99/mo)

STARZ Channels list

  • STARZ Comedy
  • STARZ Edge
  • STARZ in Black
  • STARZ Kids & Family
  • STARZ Cinema
  • STARZ Encore Action
  • STARZ Encore
  • STARZ Encore Black
  • STARZ Encore Classic
  • STARZ Encore Family
  • STARZ Encore Suspense
  • STARZ Encore Español
  • STARZ Encore Westerns
  • Movie Plex
  • Retro Plex
  • Indie Plex

Top 15 Shows/ Web series on STARZ

  1. Black Sails (2014-2017) 
  2. Now Apocalypse (2019) 
  3. Flesh and Bone (2015) 
  4. The Girlfriend Experience (2015 – 2017) 
  5. America to Me (2018) 
  6. The White Queen (2013) 
  7. Power (2014-2020) 
  8. Outlander (2014-present)
  9. Party Down (2009-10)
  10. Vida (2018- present)
  11. Survivors remorse (2014-2018)
  12. Howards end (2018)
  13. American Gods (2018)
  14. Warriors of liberty city (2017)
  15. Da Vinci's demons (2013)

Best STARZ movies

  1. Borat
  2. Night of the Living Dead
  3. Office Space
  4. Sleepy Hollow. Year
  5. Ghost World. Year
  6. Miller's Crossing
  7. Looper
  8. Crooklyn
  9. The Rider
  10. Trading places
  11. Spider-man
  12. Groundhog day
  13. Call me by your name
  14. The Dark Crystal
  15. Skins


Starz has had a dedicated video streaming service with a Starz channel collection that stretches outside the cable channel's reach for a long time.   Starz stands out from the crowd because of its extensive movie library, but its original programming pales in comparison to what the competition has to offer.   I like that Starz allows for offline downloads on mobile and up to four simultaneous streams per account, but its applications might be better. 

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