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SiriusXM subscription plans & packages explained

Should you get SiriusXM plans, and is it even worth it? If you are hungry for entertainment and high-profile broadcasts, you should check out SiriusXM. SiriusXM is a reputable American broadcasting platform that focus on providing satellite and online radio services to its users. It was formed on 29 July 2008, and since then, the company has been devoted to providing personalized interactive online radio experiences and live audio content. 

Keep on reading to discover more about SiriusXM plans, costs, and features. 

How does SiriusXM work?

SiriusXM is home to old-school and brand-new tunes, celebrity interviews, sports talks, nonstop comedy, and more. Whether stuck in traffic or on a road trip you can enjoy listening to SiriusXM almost anywhere. That includes the United States, the Gulf of Mexico, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, among other places. 

So, how does SiriusXM work? For starters, your radio has an FM transmitter, which sends the audio from the satellite radio to the one in your car. To access the platinum SiriusXM subscription, you need to have an eligible car radio or a streaming device. This means that SiriusXM is accessible on multiple devices and you can access it inside and outside your truck. 

Next, you will need to choose between the SiriusXM plans we have discussed in detail below. Note that to access any of the services inside your vehicle, then you will have to confirm if the car radio ID is eligible or not. Once you are a member, you can enjoy all the features that come with your subscription.  

SiriusXM plans

What is the difference between Sirius And SiriusXM?

Sirius and XM radio were previously separate entities. However, in 2008 both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio merged to form the now reputable SiriusXM. So, they are now part of one company that offers both satellite radio and internet radio to its users in the US and Canada. They both evolved into top-tier streaming services that allow you to listen to sports, music, talk, and other entertainment on your tablet, internet radio device, smartphone, PC, and car. 

SiriusXM Subscription Plans

SiriusXM packages can be broadly divided into two main categories: Platinum and Streaming Platinum. These two packages differ in cost and the members for whom they are intended. Below, we will check further details on these SiriusXM plans, their prices, and their features. 

Car Radio + Streaming Devices

With this subscription plan, you will get to listen to SiriusXM radio on both your car and other devices. Besides, this package features three different plans, which you can cancel at any time. 

  1. Platinum  – The platinum SiriusXM cost is $1 for the first three months then $22.99 per month after that. With this plan, you will receive every feature there is under the car radio and streaming services. That includes 425+ channels, ad-free music, news and issues, talk and entertainment, comedy, sports, Howard Stern channels and videos, personalized Pandora stations, original and popular podcasts series, access to stitcher premium podcasts, and exclusive SXM in-studio video. 
  2. Music & Entertainment – Unlike the Platinum plan, the Music & Entertainment package costs $1 for the first three months and $17.99 per month afterward. However, you will only get access to 400+ channels, ad-free music, news and issues, talk and entertainment, comedy, original and popular podcasts series, and some sports, some exclusive SXM in-studio video. Thus, you will be missing some features offered in the Platinum plan. 
  3. Music Showcase – The last plan under the Car Radio and Streaming Devices is the Music Showcase. With this plan, you will get 100+ channels, some ad-free music, some news and issues, some talk and entertainment, and some exclusive SXM in-studio video. Music showcase Sirius XM radio cost goes for $12.99 per month and $1 for the first three months for new subscribers. Therefore, you will be missing a lot of features offered in both the Platinum and Music & Entertainment SiriusXM plans. 

Streaming Devices Only

The second subscription package is the streaming devices Only. It will allow you to listen to SiriusXM outside your car and on other streaming devices including smart speakers, smart TVs, casting devices, home audio, tablets, gaming systems, smartphones, and laptops. This package also includes three other SiriusXM plans that you can also cancel at any time. They include:

  1. Streaming Platinum – This is similar to the Platinum plan offered in both car and streaming devices only that you won’t be able to access it inside your vehicle. The Streaming Platinum plan costs $1 for the first three months then $10.99 per month. With this plan, you will receive; 425 channels ad-free music, news and issues, talk and entertainment, comedy, sports, Howard Stern channels and videos, personalized Pandora stations, original and popular podcast series, access to stitcher premium podcasts, and exclusive SXM in-studio video.
  2. Streaming Music & Entertainment – The Streaming Music & Entertainment SiriusXM radio cost is $1 for the first three months then $7.99 per month. It features 400+ channels, ad-free music, talk and entertainment, news and issues, comedy, some sports, original and popular podcast series, and some exclusive SXM in-studio video. 
  3. Streaming Music Showcase – It costs $1 for the first three months, just like the other plans. However, it is also the cheapest on the list since it costs $4.99 per month after three months. With this Streaming Music Showcase plan, you will have 100 channels, some news and issues, some talk and entertainment, some ad-free music, and some exclusive in-studio videos. 

SiriusXM additional packages 

Beyond the two core bundles the company also offers additional SiriusXM packages as listed below:

  1. News, Sports & Talk – This plan has several channels with a selection of first-rate news, sports, and talk channels. Therefore, with this plan, you will not only be informed about current affairs but also be entertained. The news, sports, and talk plan goes for $12.99 per month. You will get 30+ channels on your car satellite radio and be able to stream on your mobile phone through the app. 
  2. Platinum Family Friendly – At only $21.99 per month, this plan gives you access to 300 channels including over 165 channels inside your car, ad-free music of every genre, original talk, sports talk, pandora stations, SiriusXM video library, celebrity-hosted talk, popular podcast series, and more. The Platinum Family-Friendly plan is available on the SXM app and inside the car. 
  3. Music & Entertainment Family Friendly – For the fans of music and entertainment that is family-friendly, this is the plan for you. It is available on both streaming devices and inside the car and goes for only $16.99 per month. The music and entertainment family-friendly features 275+ channels, original talk, ad-free music, NHL play-by-ply, video library, curated ad-free music, sports analysis, and more. 
  4. A La Carte – A la carte plan SiriusXM price is $9.99 per month. With this plan, you get to pick your 50 favorite channels but only from the SiriusXM Music and Entertainment plan. You can choose from the massive programming library including plus sports talk, news, commercial-free music, and entertainment. Additionally, with a la carte, you will receive several interest channels such as The Catholic Channel and also several news channels. But note that the A la carte plan is only compatible with Sirius Stratus 7. 
  5. A La Carte Gold – A la carte gold is a premium plan over the previous a la carte plan, which means it is more expensive. It costs $17.99 per month and features 100 channels that you can choose from the SiriusXM Music and Entertainment plan. These include plus premium programming, commercial-free music, talk, entertainment, news, and sports. On top of this, you will receive several special interest channels such as BBC World Service. A la carte gold is also compatible with Sirius Stratus 7. 
  6. SiriusXM All-In-One – SiriusXM cost for the All-in-One plan is $19.99 per month. This plan gives you access to all of SiriusXM programming in one plan. SiriusXM All-In-One subscription requires the MiRGE SXMIR1 Radio. 
  7. SiriusXM Family Friendly All-In-One – Like the All-In-One plan, SiriusXM Family Friendly All-In-One is also only compatible with the MiRGE SXMIR1 Radio. But is a little bit cheaper than the latter since it goes for $17.99 per month. With this family-friendly all-in-one plan, you will get all SiriusXM programming without adult-related content. Therefore, it is the ideal plan for subscribers with families.  SiriusXM Family Friendly All-In-One plan offers a variety of commercial-free music, comedy, talk, traffic, weather, and word-class news. Even though the plan offers family-friendly content, note that some channels may contain vulgar language. 

Student streaming platinum plan 

SiriusXM packages do not leave anyone out. If you are a student, you also have a subscription plan that you can join. The Student Streaming Platinum plan is student and youth friendly, and keeps you posted on things you can enjoy. This plan costs $1 for three months for new subscribers and $4 thereafter, making it the most affordable service on the list. 

The Student Streaming Platinum plan is available on demand. So, you can listen at home or on the go on your phone or other devices. Besides, it gives you access to top-notch entertainment varying from sports, music, and talk show. Get to enjoy the music of every genre, sports talk and analysis, news, talk & entertainment, every kind of comedy such as Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud, and the latest celebrity news and interviews.  


What is the cheapest price for Sirius?

The cheapest SiriusXM price is $4.99 for the Streaming Showcase plan. However, the two main subscription plans go for $1 for the first three months, making it the most affordable price for only the specified period. 

How much does SiriusXM cost for two cars?

SiriusXM costs $35 for two cars connected to one account. But this will also depend on your preferred subscription plan. You can add the other car to your account and purchase a subscription plan for that vehicle.

What is the difference between SiriusXM and SiriusXM platinum?

SiriusXM platinum features the ultimate entertainment experience; over 425 channels, curated ad-free music, premium sports coverage, exclusive music channels, and so much more. The main difference is that the platinum plan allows you to listen inside your truck as well as on other streaming devices. In short, SiriusXM platinum, you will get access to exclusive features provided by SiriusXM. On the other hand, basic SiriusXM plans feature aspects of the services at an affordable price, only that you can listen on streaming devices only. 

Can I get SiriusXM for $5 a month?

Yes, you can get SiriusXM for $5 a month, but only if you choose the Streaming Showcase plan under the Streaming Platinum package. The new Student Streaming Platinum subscription is also available for $4 a month. 

Can you pay for SiriusXM yearly?

Yes, you can pay for SiriusXM packages yearly. To do so, log into the SiriusXM app and your account. Locate your selected package on the My Subscription tab and choose Change my Term from the menu. Choose the yearly billing term and select continue. You can also choose to pay monthly or quarterly. Next, continue with the billing process and pay the amount needed. 

Does SiriusXM charge per car?

If you have another vehicle that is equipped with SiriusXM satellite radio, and you already have an active subscription, log into your account. Once in your account, add the additional radio from that vehicle into your account, and purchase a subscription plan for it. So, yes, SiriusXM charges a subscription per car, which means that every satellite radio should have its subscription. 

Can you share SiriusXM with family?

Unfortunately, SiriusXM is limited to only one login per person at a time and per subscription. This means that it is only one stream per person. So, you won’t be able to share it with your family. If you want another member in your household to access it, the best way is to consider adding another SiriusXM subscription. By adding multiple radios to one account, you can qualify for the SiriusXM Family Discount. 

Does Sirius still offer a lifetime subscription?

Previously, Sirius offered a lifetime subscription to its members on certain devices. However, subscribers can no longer purchase lifetime subscriptions. According to the Sirius customer agreement, those who subscribed to lifetime SiriusXM plans won’t receive a refund for the initial purchase. 
A lifetime subscription only covers the lifetime of the receiver and not the person who purchased it. Also, it is not shareable with other people. Instead, lifetime subscribers can transfer their subscription to a new radio but only three times and for the transfer price of $75 each time. But since SiriusXM does not offer lifetime subscriptions anymore, you can opt for the other subscription plans, which you can pay on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Is SiriusXM worth paying for?

Yes, if you are a fan of listening to the radio, talk shows, and getting hits before they hit and other entertainment, then SiriusXM is worth paying. With a SiriusXM subscription, you will enjoy a wide variety of programming, a diversity of music genres, and over 150 channels. 
Besides, SiriusXM has a quality radio signal, both censored and uncensored content, Pandora personalized stations, a video library, and is also compatible with various devices such as Alexa. You also get a subscription that matches your preference and budget. 

Can I use my car SiriusXM subscription on my phone?

Yes, you can use a SiriusXM subscription on your car and phone. But this service is only available to those members who have subscribed to the Platinum plan. The latter is compatible with  devices such as your mobile phone, smart TVs, computer, etc. To use SiriusXM from your car to your phone, install their app on your Android device and follow the instructions. 

Why is SiriusXM charging a US royalty fee?

A US royalty fee applies to subscribers since SiriusXM has to pay music royalties to record labels and artists with copyrights in sound recordings. This also includes music publishers, writers with copyrights and organizations such as BMI and ASCAP. 
The US royalty fee applies to specific SiriusXM packages and the number of plans you have chosen and added to your membership. Note that the US royalty fee is not charged in News, Sports, and Talk, Weather, Traffic, Marine Weather, Aviation Weather, and Travel Link. 

What are the additional fees at SiriusXM?

The additional fees at SiriusXM depend on the number of other plans you will add to your account. Other than that, the company also charges a US royalty fee, which is 21.4% of the price of the specified plans (Platinum and Latino Y Mas). 


If you want to listen to the latest news from world-class news channels, sports analysis, political talk, top and latest songs, weather and traffic update, and other forms of entertainment, SiriusXM is the best option. It is a reputable plan that caters to all whether you are a student or a family with kids. With a SiriusXM subscription, you can say goodbye to traditional radio and hello to a modern life. Also, SiriusXM is compatible with multiple devices. So, by subscribing to SiriusXM plans, you get a chance to enjoy all the fun and entertaining live radio-streaming content you desire. 


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