Shudder free trial: Complete guide for a free subscription

Shudder is a horror-themed premium streaming platform with over 400 tv shows and movies. It’s the ideal streaming site for the Halloween season. While it has lots of blockbuster movies and successes, Shudder’s genuine calling card is more unusual material, which means it has hundreds of hours of entertainment you’ve probably have not seen before. In addition, shudder offers a live Television channel with handpicked contents, connectivity with the most necessary components, and the option to rate and comment on each content on the platform in conjunction with movies and series, which is indeed a rarity in the streaming industry. Currently, you can avail a Shudder free trial.

Like Netflix and Hulu subscriptions, Shudder includes original shows, such as Scare Me, a stoner flick about two characters telling each other terrible stories. Or the series Host, about six females who use Zoom to hold an internet séance and unintentionally summon a demonic entity. The variety of content never seems to end, and the popularity of Shudder never seems to fade! 

Does Shudder have a free trial? 

This spooky-themed streaming platform is every horror fan’s stress-buster. What if we tell you that Shudder can be viewed for a limited time for completely free? Yes, you heard it right! Shudder free trial is being offered to all the subscribers. Honestly, people are considering it a big boon. Now you would be wondering how to avail this Shudder free trial. In this article, we will cover the steps involved in claiming this free trial and analyze the different subscription plans offered by the platform. 

How much does Shudder cost? 

Shudder has a single strategy and implements it in three ways: its own application, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV. The Shudder application is by far the most satisfactory experience for true horror enthusiasts. The Shudder premium plan is priced at $5.99 per month. Moreover, if you opt for the annual subscription, you can save up to 20%, with the final total at $56.99 per year. 

Shudder TV is priced the same for Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV. The only downfall is that there are no annual subscriptions if you opt for Shudder TV through Prime Video or YouTube TV. However, whether you opt for a direct subscription or via a different medium, you can very much claim your Shudder free trial with ease. 

How long is Shudder free trial? 

If you ever search the web for Shudder free trial, the most asked query is – “Shudder free trial 30 days,” let’s get to the crux of understanding this. As of the official website is concerned, Shudder’s free trial is available only for seven days. 

But, don’t lose your hope. According to some reviewers and audiences, one can claim a 30-day free trial by using various coupons. Some of the coupons that they offer are completely free. Now, getting back to the main plot, let us now discuss the different steps involved in claiming your Shudder free trial. 

How to activate Shudder free trial?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Follow the steps to redeem the Shudder free trial promo code.

  1. Getting ready for the “spookiness” 

    First, visit their official website. Once the homepage is opened, navigate your way to the bottom of the page and click the “Try 7 days free” option. Once you click this option, you will automatically be redirected to a new tab.Shudder free trial

  2. Setting up your Shudder account

    Now, you will be redirected to their “Create Your Free Account” page. Here all you have to do is, submit your e-mail address and provide a suitable password. Once you have provided all the information, hit the “Create Your Free Account” button at the bottom of the page. Now, you need to confirm your mail address. After you have confirmed your mail address, you will be redirected back to the official website.Create shudder account

  3. Choosing the subscription plan and providing billing information.

    After you are redirected to the official website, the next step is to choose your plan and provide your personal billing information. Here you need to provide the name, card details, and postal code.Shudder subscription plan

  4. Entering promo codes and finalizing your details.

    This is the last phase of the process. To avail of your Shudder free 30-day trial, you can use the promo codes that are available for free. If not, skip the part and simply click on “Start Your Free Trial.”Shudder free trial promo code

Is Shudder free with Amazon Prime?

Yes, Shudder free trial is available for Amazon Prime. The price is the same as the official price, starting at $5.99 per month. But unlike the official subscription, there are no yearly subscriptions available with Amazon Prime. 

Is Shudder free with AMC Plus? 

Shudder free trial is available with AMC plus as an additional package. However, the pricing is $8.99 per month for AMC plus, comparatively higher than the direct Shudder subscription. 

Is Shudder free with Roku?

Surprisingly, Shudder free trial is available on Roku. Though Shudder is an add-on on Roku, the prices remain the same as the official subscription prices. The shudder subscription can be canceled at any time. 

What devices Shudder support?

Shudder is compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, Google Chromecast, and Xbox One.


Shudder is well worth your time, especially if you enjoy spooky, dark, and terrifying entertainment. If this describes you, $57 per year is a small price to pay to watch twisted TV series and movies throughout the year. Shudder’s brilliance, whether you’re a horror enthusiast or not, is that it takes you off the usual road. You won’t find Halloween, The Ring, or It, or any other AAA content. Instead, you will find both old and new eerie, spooky, and thrilling films and television series that you may not have seen before. So what are you waiting for? Claim your Shudder free trial now, and don’t miss the spookiness that comes along. You will surely not regret your decision because Shudder is a whole new realm of uniqueness and addictive content!


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