Philo TV packages, channels review 2021

The market is currently full of options on skinny bundles for cord-cutters. The trend is slowly edging out cable television as viewers seek customization. Philo TV makes its name in the market by being slightly different from its competitors. Philo TV packages do not include networks from cable news. Besides, Philo channels do not have sports channels and stations with local news.

Philo TV Free Trial
7 days Free trial
$0 $20

The strategy is to offer a low-cost streaming option as the excluded channels form a more significant percentage of the monthly cost for skinny bundles. This article brings you a complete Philo TV review. 

Philo TV packages

Initially, Philo channel packages were just two, one going for $ 16 per month while another one for $ 20 per month. On 6th May 2019, Philo TV packages were consolidated into one that goes for $ 20 per month. The company simply calls it ‘Philo.’ Philo channel lineup and pricing details are as below:

PackageCostAvailable channelsFree Trial PeriodFeatured channels
Philo$ 20 per month58 channels7 daysDiscovery Life, MTV Live, BBC America, CLEO TV, History Channel, Nicktoons, BET, Cheddar News

The channels under the package are mainly lifestyle and entertainment with a unique blend.

Philo TV Add-ons

Philo subscription is unique compared to its competitors. For the longest time, the TV streaming service did not have add-ons to its package. Essentially, there was no option for subscribing to additional networks like STARZ and HBO. The package was ideal if you are a fan of lifestyle and entertainment channels. If you wanted to watch content besides what is in its channel lineup, it was advisable to sign up with a different content provider. Currently, there exist two add-ons as below: –

  1. Epix – the add-on comes at the cost of $ 6 per month with a seven-day trial period. You get to watch original series and hit movies with Epix, Epix Hits, and epix2. The added channels are three in total. The add-on has a 50% discount for the first three months.
  2. Starz – you need to part with $ 9 per month over your current package to enjoy this add-on that has three channels. The channels include Starz, StarzENCORE, and Starz Kids and Family. You get to watch shows like Power and Outlander. The add-on is currently running a 50% discount on its price for the first three months. You can get STARZ subscription at $5 a month separately by downloading STARZ app also. However, the original price for STARZ is $8.99 a month.

How to sign up for Philo free trial?

Philo TV Free Trial
7 days Free trial
$0 $20

Philo free trial is available for seven days at no cost to potential subscribers. All you need is a phone number or email address. The sign-up process involves providing your credit card details, including the CVC number. Your card will not be charged at this stage. When the trial period is over, Philo will inquire if you wish to continue by upgrading to the single package. To sign up for the free trial, you need to follow the below procedure:


Philo TV

7-Day Free Trial

Plan starts from $20/month

64 Live HD TV Channels + Over 50,000 Movies & TV Series Episodes on VOD

Unlimited 30-day DVR

Best of 2021



Avail at a discounted price of $5 /Month

Pricing valid for 3 months only.

Watch thousands of blockbusters and original series.

Unlimited HD streaming and downloading.

Stream on upto 4 devices simultaneously


$5 only


Vidgo TV

Exclusive $10/Month (for 2 Months)l

85+ Channels (includes ABC, FOX, ESPN, FS1, RedZone, Disney, Hallmark ...)

Latino Mas Packages with Lineup of the Top Spanish Channels

Watch with friends on up to 3 devices at once



Fubo TV

7-Days Free Trial

From $64.99/month

Supports 4K streaming

170+ channels of live TV (includes ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, Showtime, Regional Channels ...)

Great range of live sports coverage in 4K (includes NBA, Nascar, NFL, Premier League)



Paramount plus

30 Day Free Trial

from $5.99/month

Huge catalog of CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV & More

Access to live NFL games and CBS news


Time needed: 5 minutes

Follow the below steps to sign up for Philo TV free trial.

  1. Visit Philo TV official website.

    You start by visiting try.philo.com as per the below image Philo free trial

  2. Enter mobile no or email address

    Proceed and key in your mobile phone number or email in the provided space as illustrated below. Philo TV free trial process

  3. Enter payment details

    Set up payment details for your Philo subscription which requires your credit card and CVC number to be input as per the below image. You will not be billed at this stage and your due balance will appear as zero. If you opt for the add-ons, you need to add them at this stage. Philo packages

  4. Confirm payment details and enter submit.

    Key in your credit card details including the number, CVC, and ZIP code as below. Once you key in the correct details, the ‘Subscribe’ button will become active for you to finish your sign up. Philo tv subscription

Philo channels list

Philo subscription entitles you to 58 channels as shown below.

  1. A & E
  2. FYI
  3. Nickelodeon
  4. American Heroes Channel
  5. AMC
  6. GSN
  7. Nick Jr.
  8. aspireTV
  9. Animal Planet
  10. Hallmark Channel
  11. OWN
  12. BET Her
  13. AXS TV
  14. Hallmark Drama
  15. Paramount Network
  16. Cooking Channel
  17. BBC America
  18. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
  19. People TV
  20. Destination America
  21. BBC World News
  22. HGTV
  23. Science
  24. Discovery Family
  25. BET
  26. History Channel
  27. Sundance Channel
  28. Law and Crime Channel
  29. Cheddar
  30. IFC
  31. Tastemade
  32. Logo
  33. Cheddar News
  34. Investigation Discovery
  35. TeenNick
  36. MTV Live
  37. Cleo TV
  38. Lifetime
  39. TLC
  40. Nick Toon
  41. CMT
  42. Lifetime movies
  43. Travel Channel
  44. REVOLT
  45. Comedy Central
  46. Motor Trend
  47. TV Land
  48. UPtv
  49. Discovery Channel
  50. MTV
  51. VH 1
  52. DIY
  53. MTV 2
  54. Viceland
  55. Food Network
  56. MTV Classic
  57. We TV

Philo local channels

Philo packages do not come with local channels, unfortunately. The strategy is to keep the subscription cheaper by excluding local and sports channels, which are costly to air. However, Philo is working on adding local channels to its package with the use of an antenna. You will be able to add local channels courtesy of the Channels App from Google Live.

Philo TV Free Trial
7 days Free trial
$0 $20

Missing channels

A limitation of the Philo channel lineup is that it lacks favorite channels that are offered by competitors like Sling TV and Fubo TV in the market. The missing channels are mainly sports and local channels. They include:

  1. Fox
  2. NBC
  3. ESPN
  4. ESPN 2
  5. ESPN 3
  6. ESPNU
  7. ESPNews
  8. SEC Network
  9. NHL Network
  10. NBA TV
  11. ABC
  12. CBS
  13. Telemundo
  14. The CW
  15. Univision
  16. Fox Sports 1
  17. Fox Sports 2
  18. NBC Sports Network
  19. TBS
  20. TNT

Philo TV features

Philo TV has the following features on its current package:

Multiple screens

Philo TV allows you to stream up to three devices simultaneously under the $ 20 monthly package without restrictions. Besides, the package also allows you to create eight different profiles on each of the devices you choose to use. The features are ideal for a small family set up where there is a varied preference on the content to watch with clashing times.

Cloud DVR Storage

A significant value-add to Philo subscription is the inclusion of cloud DVR for storage. With a cheap price tag of $ 20 per month, you get unlimited storage space for your recorded shows. However, you can store the content for 30 days only. If you need to delete stored the content from the DVR, you can only do it after 30 days of recording. DVR storage is comparatively more than FuboTV and Hulu TV.

Video quality

The live streaming of TV programs achieves a video quality of 720p. On-demand programs stream to quality of 1080p. Audio streaming comes with a standard stereo quality of 2.0. Streaming quality is not an issue with Philo channelsThe HD quality is much decent, although lower compared to cable TV. Notably, Philo does not have 4K streaming. Generally, the quality of your streaming will depend on the download speed of your internet.

User interface 

The user interface for Philo TV stands above its competitors. New and trending live programs dominate your screen. Besides, programs are also recommended to you based on your watching history. The user guide is merely stunning, contributing to the overall excellent experience.

Philo TV supported devices

Even with a low Philo costthe streaming service works on a good number of devices. Philo TV is compatible with the following:

  1. iOS with a Safari browser
  2. Fire Tablet
  3. Amazon Fire TV
  4. Android TV that is 5.0 or more
  5. Apple TV mainly 4th generation and above
  6. Roku devices
  7. Personal Computer with a supporting browser
  8. MAC with a supporting browser
  9. Android 7 with Chrome browser

Unfortunately, you cannot play Philo TV on PS4 or Xbox. Another misgiving is incompatibility with Google Chromecast.

Philo TV review 2020

Streaming TV boils down to your choice of content and cost. Philo is an exciting option for skinny bundles. Currently, it is the cheapest among service providers of live streaming. Its channels are well balanced for a family set up to justify the Philo price. Of course, Philo TV is not for everyone; it is ideal for entertainment seekers with little preference for news.

The ability to stream three devices simultaneously at no extra cost gives it an edge in the market. You can also create eight profiles on each of the devices. Besides, you get to enjoy free unlimited storage space that comes with the cloud DVR storage for 30 days.

The latest two add-ons to the Philo subscription grant you variety to your streaming library for movies. Streaming quality for both video and audio is superb, with a good number of devices supported.

The sign-up process is easy and straightforward, with no payment details required initially. With your email address or mobile number, you are set to go with the free trial for seven days. In comparison to competitors, 58 channels are a better deal at the current Philo cost

The idea of a single package could be an advantage or shortcoming, depending on your preference. If you like to customize your viewership, Philo TV is not your ideal bet. To its target market, there is value for money.

Philo TV Free Trial
7 days Free trial
$0 $20


Cord-cutting is a common phenomenon with changing viewership preferences. As a viewer, you are interested in content that keeps you informed and entertained at a minimal cost. The development of live streaming has hived off a significant customer base from cable TV. Live TV streaming service providers have a niche to take care of.

Competition is now fierce, leading to the emergence of unique services such as those of Philo TV packages. It is a game-changer in the market with a particular audience in the American content scene.


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