Philo TV free trial Sign up Guide

Philo TV is an on-demand and live streaming service, but without the expensive cable bill. You can think of Philo TV as a skinny bundle that deliberately removes all the expensive channels such as cable news, sports, and local news networks. The cheap plan sounds good.  But if there is anything even better is the free trial. The Philo TV free trial is the best way for you to access all networks for free, but for a specific period. It is available free of charge, which means you do not have to sign any contract or pay any cash. If you are wondering how you can access the Philo TV free plan, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading to find out all the necessary information about getting Philo TV free trial.

Philo TV free trial Sign up

Philo TV offers a 7-day free trial plan. It is available only to new customers who are signing up for the first time. There is no agreement for this plan, but you will have to note the expiry date to avoid any charges after the specified period. Besides, the free trial is not limited to the $20 subscription but any of the two Add Ons: Epix and STARZ.  This means you will get enjoy extra premium channels for 7 days, after which you will be charged accordingly.  

Philo TV Free Trial
7 days Free trial
$0 $20

Below are simple steps to help you get started on the Philo TV 7-days free trial.

Follow the under mentioned steps to sign up for Philo TV free trial with credit card.

  1. Launch the Philo TV website

    Click here to launch the Philo TV website. Once you are there, you will see a ‘Start your Subscription’ box.  Enter your mobile or email address, and then tap on the ‘Get Started’ option. Philo TV free trial sign up

  2. Select Plan & add on

    The next step is to choose the plan & add on. As we know, Philo TV has only one subscription package but there will be two add ons too. Select the Epix and Starz add on along with the subscription pacpackage if you wish to test the add one feature during free trial period. Keep in mind, you will be charged the total cost once the trial period is over. Select Philo TV plan & add on

  3. Set Up Your Payment

    In this step, you will need to fill in your payment details on the form provided. It is also, where you will see the expiry date of your free trial. You can also include any of the two Add Ons in this step. In case you have a Best Buy code or a Redeem coupon, then this is the best place to use them.  Make sure that all the information you have provided are accurate Set up payment method

  4. Click subscribe to start free trial.

    Once you are done with filling in your payment details, it is time to hit the ‘Subscribe’ button. When you do so, you will gain access to the free trial and its goodies. However, remember to cancel this plan before the date provided if you do not want to be charged. Start subscription

Philo TV free trial duration

The Philo TV free package lasts 7 days only. You get one full week to enjoy everything you want without worrying about any charges. After that, you can decide to continue with the paid subscription or not. Besides, it seems like the seven days free trial is the maximum for most streaming services. You can still get others offering a 30-day trial, but these are uncommon. Note that there is a Philo TV free trial 30 days plan but on rare or special occasions.  

What Features Are Available During Free Trial?

The Philo TV free trial is basically an insight into what you should anticipate in the paid subscription plan. As a result, you will get the same benefits as the Philo TV subscription package. Such features you can expect from the free service are as follows:

  1. Number of Streams: You can stream TV shows on three devices. Additionally, you can create up to 10 profiles for a single account. 
  2. Compatible with Multiple Devices: You will get to stream your favorite shows through Roku, Fire TV, Fire tablet, and Android and iOS apps. 
  3. 60+ Channels: Get access to more than 60 channels for free. Such networks you can stream include Comedy Central, A&E, Animal Planet, BET, and MTV.
  4. Cloud DVR: If you are too busy to watch your preferred shows as they air, then you can take advantage of the cloud DVR services.

Does Philo TV Free Trial Turn Into a Paid Subscription?

When you sign up for one week, you will be required to provide your credit card info. So you should note that once the seven days are over, your account will be charged for the full subscription fee. Also, keep in mind that the subscription will renew monthly, for as long as you have not canceled it. So if you want to try this streaming TV service with no financial attachment, then cancel it before the expiration date.  

How Much Will I Pay after free trial?

Once the free trial has ended, you will be required to pay $20 per month. That is a great deal, although it is the only package available for now. However, you can include extra channels like Epix or STARZ. Epix costs $6 per month while STARZ is $9 per month. Unfortunately, there is also no annual plan, perhaps since the monthly cost is low.

Free Trial Payment

The only payment method available is a credit card, which you must provide details when you sign up. Besides, before the expiration date, you will receive a notification from Philo TV via email reminding you that your free trial is almost over.  

How to Cancel Philo TV Free Trial

Canceling the free trial option is a straightforward process that can be done at any time during the seven days. To cancel Philo TV free trial, then do the following:

  1. Go to Philo TV homepage and log in to your account.
  2. Once in your account, locate the ‘Cancel My Account’ option and click on it.
  3. Next, confirm if you want to cancel your account.
  4. That is it. You will have canceled your plan no charges will be incurred on your credit card


If you are looking for the most expensive streaming services with premium channels, then this is not it. Philo TV is for those who are looking for the cheapest streaming option with basic entertainment and one that can save them money. You can try the Philo TV free trial and check out if this is what you are searching for. The seven days are enough to try out all its features. 

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