FuboTV free trial explained with review

Most of the streaming services offer free trial or discounts to new subscribers. So that they can test the features and content quality without paying. The FuboTV, one of the top cord-cutting services in the USA, offers 07 days of free trial to its new subscribers. However, there are certain rules and limitations you need to know before subscribing.

Fubo TV Free Trial
Get Fubo TV Free trial of 7 days now
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FuboTV free trial

FuboTV offers a free trial of 07 days only. The free trial is not available on all of the FuboTV subscription plans. It is available on the Family package and Futbol Trimestral package. The user can not sign up for the FuboTV Ultra package as a free trial. The important points are given below:

  1. The free trial is available for 07 days only. You will be charged the subscription cost exactly after the 07 days of free trial ends. Suppose you subscribe at 1500 hrs on 21 April. Your free trial will end at 1500 hrs on 28 April. You will be charged FuboTV subscription price after 1500 hrs on 28 April. FuboTV will send you an email a few hours before your subscription ends. You can cancel the subscription plan or continue it.
  2. The free trial is available for new subscribers only. In case, you have used FuboTV services earlier and want to restart it. You will not get the benefit of testing its features free of cost. You will need to pay the subscription cost to access its content.
  3. To avail of the free subscription of 7 days, the subscriber will need to submit credit or debit card details. You will be charged using the submitted payment method after 7 days.
  4. FuboTV free trial is available for Family and the Latin TV package. There is no option of free subscription with the FuboTV ultra subscription plan.
  5. The subscriber can cancel the subscription within 07 days without paying any bucks. Once you have paid for the subscription plan after availing 07 days of the free trial, there will be no refund. However, you can cancel it to avoid recurring charges every month.

How to sign up for Free trial

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Step by step guide to sign up for fubo TV free trial.

  1. Visit FuboTV homepage.

    Click here to visit the FuboTV Home page. On the Home page, you will see the free trial sign up tab. Click the tab to start to sign up procedure.free trial Sign up

  2. Create FuboTV account

    Once you complete the first step, you will be redirected to a new page where you will fill your personnel email and password of your choice. After entering these two details, click on the continue tab.Create account

  3. Choose the FuboTV plan for free trial.

    After creating an account, you will see all three FuboTV plans along with features. The Free trial is available with the Family and Futbol Trimestral Plan. Choose one between these two plans and click start free trial.FuboTV subscription plans

  4. Check the billing summary and update add-ons.

    On the next page, you will see all add-on channels available with FuboTV free trial. You can add it as per your choice. You will not be charged for add-on channels during free subscription duration. Click the Continue to Last Step tab.FuboTV free trial billing details

  5. Enter Credit/Debit card details.

    This is the last step of the FuboTV free trial sign up. Enter all the details like Name, Card number, security code, expiry month, expiry year & billing Zip code. Once you submit it, your free trial will start for the next 07 days.Enter payment details

Channels available in free subscription

The free trial subscribers can access all the channels available in the subscription plan they choose. There is no restriction in the channel access. Moreover, you can also increase channels catalog by subscribing to add-ons while activating FuboTV free trial. You will not pay for the add-on package during the free trial period. However, you will be charged for an add-on package after the expiry of the free trial.

In the picture below, you can see the available add-on package and their charges. All these packages will also be free during the free trial and you will not be charged a single penny for these channels.

FuboTV free trial add-on package

Supported Hardware

FuboTV supports PC, MAC web browsers, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, android phone and Android tablet. During the free trial period, you can access all content anyone of the above-mentioned devices. There are no restrictions on supported devices during the free subscription.

But, there is a restriction to the number of screens on which channels can be accessed simultaneously. If you choose the FuboTV family package, content can be accessed on three screens concurrently. While you can watch content on two screens after subscribing to the Futbol Trimestrol package.

Fubo TV Free Trial
Get Fubo TV Free trial of 7 days now
$0 $64.99

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How to cancel FuboTV free trial

Having tested FuboTV features and you found it not worthy, you can cancel it. To cancel a free trial, follow the following steps.

  1. On the right upper corner, click the Menu tab and go to My Account section.
  2. In my account, Click the subscription and billing section.
  3. In the subscription and billing section, you will see the cancel subscription tab. Click on it.
  4. It will ask you the reason for cancellation. You can choose from the given option and click the continue tab.
  5. It will reconfirm for FuboTV free trial cancellation. Click on Cancel My Trial.

FuboTV free trial review

When we review the free trial of FuboTV, one point is clear. There is no feature which the subscribers do not have access to during the free trial. Be it DVR storage or number of channels, numbers of screens, all these features which are available in the paid version, can be accessed in free subscription also.

9.1 Total Score
Easy to test features and programs

Like other cord-cutting service providers, FuboTV also offers a free trial of 07 days to its new customer. It offers most of its features and shows in free trial except Ultra package.

  • Free trial of 07 days.
  • Access to all features like DVR, number of screens and channels.
  • Add-ons channels and packages are available for testing.
  • Easy Cancellation.
  • Email notification before charging subscription costs.
  • FuboTV Ultra package not available.
  • You need to submit a credit/debit card to start a free trial.
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

There is only one restriction. The FuboTV ultra plan is not available as a free subscription. So the subscribers who wish to test Ultra Package subscription, have to pay to get started.

Moreover, some of the subscribers also want to access FuboTV free trial for 30 days. However, it is not available as of now. If you have availed FuboTV free subscription, how was your experience with FuboTV? Do share in the review section, please.

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