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CodeAdvantage Review – Shooting your child’s coding career

At CodeAdvantage, expert coders and young teens collaborate to teach young kids and impart basic coding knowledge. CodeAdvantage creates an interactive environment to develop logical thinking, critical reasoning skills and help them to explore the creative variants of coding.

CodeAdvantage uses gaming interfaces that the kids already love and transforms into an exciting learning experience for them. The professional coding courses are primarily available for older kids, but CodeAdvantage offers young kids sound technical knowledge.

The future is technology, and coding can be termed as the basis of every technological development. You don’t get equipped with programming or coding in a day; it takes years to master.

There are infinite possibilities and infinite possible advancements. If you don’t want your kid to miss out on the opportunity always to be one step ahead, you’re at the right place!

CodeAdvantage pricing

Code Advantage offers online classes and camps for children in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The cost of their centers varies depending on the length of each lesson (1-2 hours). Scratch Jr., Roblox, Minecraft, Scratch, Python, and Web Development are among the courses available. The summer online coding camps classes start at $195 per child. Private lessons can range from $39-$59 per hour. 

  • Private Classes – 1 child and one instructor – will get 1:1 tutoring in a particular class topic. PRICE: $59/hour. 
  • Two children and one instructor – will get tutoring in a particular class topic in the same session. They can be similar aged siblings, friends, classmates, etc. PRICE: $39/hour for each child.

CodeAdvantage class price and courses are divided into three categories:

  • K-2nd graders
  • 3rd-5th graders
  • 6th-8th graders 

The price varies with the age and the type of course you choose for your child. Here is a detailed overview of the price distribution.

Coding Classes for Kids

One hour everyday class course for two weeks at $225

  1. Minecraft Club Level 1, Grade 1-2nd 
  2. Roblox Code Level 1, Grade 4-6th
  3. Minecraft Java Mods: Gold, Grade 3-5th
  4. Minecraft Modding: Java Bedrock, Grade 6-8th
  5. Scratch Jr Level 1, Grade K-2nd
  6. Minecraft Club Level 1, Grade K-2nd
  7. Roblox Code Level 1, Grade K-2nd
  8. Minecraft Java Mods: Iron, Grade 3-5th
  9. Minecraft Modding: Java Obsidian, Grade 6-8th
  10. Pygame: Among the Asteroids, Grade 4-6th

Two hours each day courses (1 week) at $225

  1. Roblox build level 1, Grade 1-3rd
  2. Minecraft Java Mods: Iron, Grade 3-5th
  3. Minecraft Modding: Java Bedrock, Grade trial 6-8th
  4. Minecraft Club Level 1, Grade 1-2nd
  5. Roblox Code Level 1, Grade 4-6th
  6. Web & App Development Level 1, Grade 6-8th
  7. Python Level 1, Grade 6-8th
  8. Minecraft Java Mods: Diamond, Grade 3-5th
  9. Minecraft Modding: Java Obsidian, Grade 6-8th
  10. AI Gaming & Machine Learning, Grade 6-8th
  11. Roblox Code Level 1, Grade 4-6th
  12. Minecraft Java Mods: Gold, Grade 3-5th
  13. Pygame: Among the Asteroids, Grade 4-6th

9.1 Total Score
A perfect opportunity to mold your kids as coders of tomorrow at a very affordable rate.

The objective of CodeAdvantage is to provide a fun and dynamic environment for kids to learn, create, and master technological skills that will be vital to their future success. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to use something that children are already interested in, perhaps Gaming, to teach them the fundamentals of computer science. Game Design, 3D Animation, Scratch, App Creation, and Python lessons, as well as school break camps and a full or half-day summer camp, are all available at CodeAdvantage portal. Their instructors are young men who appear to be just out of high school, which gives them an "advantage" in motivating rambunctious 10 to 14-year-old students.

Customer Support
  • Children learn through apps and games, which makes learning easy and fun.
  • Coding helps children improve problem-solving, math, storytelling, and design skills.
  • It has a free trial.
  • They have live one-on-one and group classes.
  • CodeAdvantage makes coding easier but also at a very affordable rate.
  • CodeAdvantage offers courses for younger kids only.
  • There should be a few basic courses totally free.
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CodeAdvantage Free trial Sign-up process

Time needed: 5 minutes

Following are the steps to register for the CodeAdvantage free trial: 

  1. Visit the CodeAdvantage official portal.

    Click here to open the CodeAdvantage portal, and on the top right corner, click on the FREE TRIAL option. Codeadvantage free trial

  2. Click on Free trial option

    Read the details provided in the box and click on the orange dialogue box that says FREE TRIAL. CodeAdvantage promo code

  3. Fill in your details

     It leads to a form where you have to fill in your basic details. Add your details and click on SEE TRIAL SCHEDULE.
    Fill details for free trial

  4. Choose the most appropriate CodeAdvantage plan for you

    Examine the various options available and choose the one to your liking. Click on Register. Click register

  5. Registration successful 

    A registration confirmation message would appear on your screen. Check your registered email for a Zoom meeting link and other credentials for your desired class.  CodeAdvantage review

Who should take this course?

Children from age 5 to age 13 can take coding classes on CodeAdvantage. It is a coding platform for kids. Hence, only students from standard K up to standard 8th have access to the course.

Kids from ages 5-6 should start with the K-2nd range and with Scratch Jr.

Kids from ages 7-9- Should start with the 1-5th program. It’s a little more complex.

Kids aged 10-15 should start with grade 6-8th courses as they have more maturity and understanding.

CodeAdvantage course structure

Throughout the year, Code Advantage provides online camps and weekly sessions. In addition, their online coding programs for kids are taught in real-time by live teachers. 

CodeAdvantage developed its project-based curriculum, allowing students to apply what they’ve learned in class.

With their exclusive “Girl Code Power” workshops, female mentors (quite a several CA’s teachers are women), engaging content, and an empowering environment, CodeAdvantage is dedicated to inspiring girls to learn to code. 

Game Design, 3D Animation, Scratch, App Creation, and Python are all available through CodeAdvantage.

The courses are taught interactively in the form of games, puzzles, and videos. It is done in a way that the kids get a grasp of the concept before approaching complex problems. If your kid falls within this criteria, you should definitely buy these courses!

  1. Grade K-2 – These kids are taught coding through Scratch Jr, Minecraft club, 3D game design, and micro-bit code control. 
  2. Grade 1st -5th – Robolox builds, Scratch, Micro: bit code control, Minecraft Java modes, Pygame, Robotics and AI and Machine Learning.
  3. Grade 6-8th – Roblox code, Pygame, Web and app development, Python, AI & Machine Learning, Minecraft Modding: Java, Robotics and Private lessons. 
  4. Robotics- Requires a computer and a Lego WeDo 2.0 kit. This kit costs $215 and can be used by 2 learners. It is for Grade 3-8th.
  5. Minecraft Modding Java – It is for ages 10-13 and they learn Java concepts to create their personalized mods and minigames such as Spartan School, Epic Mods, and The Walls. It requires a computer version of Minecraft, and it can be purchased on the official website. 
  6. AI & Machine learning – It is for ages 10-13. Students create complex, competitive games (such as PONG, Platformer, and AI Monster Runner) while learning how to program game characters with AI functionality. 
  7. Roblox code: It is for ages 9-11. Students code using the programming language Lua and learn to create 3D models and gaming simulations.
  8. Python: It is for ages 9-11. Students would learn this vital programming language through games such as Asteroid and Among us. Laptops are allowed, but ipads and tablets are not allowed.
  9. Scratch jr. – It is for ages 5-7. During the class, they will program their interactive games, stories, and animation. All devices except mobiles are allowed in this class.
  10. 3D Game design: It is for ages 6-7. This course utilizes block coding and teaches them without loops, variables and constructors.

There are several other courses available which can be found on the official website. These courses are extremely interesting and create a strong impression of the student’s mind. Learning such tricky concepts in such fun ways is not only a rare learning opportunity but is a treat everyone should grab!

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