Shudder TV subscription review 2021

Paushali Banerjee | Streaming Expert

I rate Shudder a 7.7 on 10. Shudder gives you access to millions of hours of content that you can watch on your TV, laptop, tablet, or phone with a subscription. In addition, you have unlimited access to Shudder's library of films and TV episodes once you sign up, and you may play, stop, and re-watch the content as much as you like. 


Shudder's material is always ad-free, unlike some streaming platforms. Shudder's strength, whether you're a horror enthusiast or not, is that it takes you off the beaten path. You will not discover the highly anticipated horror films, but you will find old and new eerie, dark, and suspenseful movies and television show that you may not have seen before.


Even if the service lacks several notable titles and its technological capabilities aren't up to level with top competitors, horror lovers might consider diving into its huge jungles of Shudder TV shows and other content.

Get Started With Shudder Now!

If you enjoy horror films and television series, you must've certainly heard of AMC's famous service Shudder. Shudder is an on-demand streaming TV app that features a mix of vintage and contemporary horror films, Series, and podcasts, many of which are unique or original.


Shudder TV, a live channel with three themed feeds, is also available. Shudder can be accessed directly or through services such as Amazon Prime Video (through Prime Channels) or YouTube TV (as an add-on). True horror enthusiasts should sign up right away, as the Shudder TV app provides the most satisfactory experience. 

Shudder TV subscription

  • Shudder TV costs $5.99 a month, but you can save money by signing up for the annual plan, which costs $56.99, which roughly costs $4.75 per month.
  • It's easy to join Shudder; all you have to do is enter an email address, a password, and payment information. 
  • Shudder does offer a seven-day free trial, but you must first add a credit card to your account. 
  • Most video streaming providers follow this standard procedure. 
  • Check out Shudder's new online store if you're itching to spend more money to express your love of all things horror.
  • The streamer is available as a standalone app, as a Prime Video Channel add-on, and as part of an AMC+ membership ($8.99 a month on Prime).


User Interface:

  • Shudder's web interface has a black, white, and red color design appropriate for the content. 
  • The Collections, Movies, Series, My List, and Search menu items at the top of the screen navigate the UI. 
  • The My List area allows you to keep track of your movie and Shudder TV show collections in one spot. 
  • Hover your cursor over a title and click the My Lists button. 
  • The content added to the list cannot be sorted as the content is displayed in reverse chronological order.
  • The search function is adequate for locating specific entries in Shudder's collection. However, it does not handle director, description, or subgenre searches.


  • The Shudder app is available for Android and iOS devices, Roku and Fire TV streaming devices, and Xbox One. 
  • Shudder can also be viewed in a web browser. 
  • Nintendo and PlayStation systems, Chromecast devices, and smart TVs are all missing from this list.

Content catalog:

  • In comparison to its films, Shudder's TV series is relatively light. It also offers some original content that can be accessed on the website. 
  • There's a section called Binge This, which includes shows like Holliston and Blood Machines. 
  • However, if you go to the top of the page and choose Series, you'll find roughly 45 different horror Shudder TV shows and podcasts. 
  • There are numerous subgenres in Shudder. Supernatural, Killers, Psychological Thrillers, and Creature Features are among the genres covered. 
  • On Halloween night, there are approximately 355 movies to pick from. You'll come across some darker, older, and creepier films that you may have never heard of before.

What does it lack?

Parental controls:

  • There are no parental restrictions or a kid's profile options on the web or the Shudder app.
  • The majority audience on the platform is adults.

DVR Storage:

  • It does not have any DVR storage. Moreover, you cannot download content for offline viewing later. 


Shudder is not to be feared if you enjoy horror or suspense. The service offers a good selection of movies, TV series, and original creations in a user-friendly interface that works across several platforms and is ad-free.


Unfortunately, despite its allure, the shudder TV app lacks some iconic horror and thriller films, and you can't download specific titles to watch offline.

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