The Criterion Channel subscription review

Paushali Banerjee | Streaming Expert

I rate the Criterion channel a 6.5 on 10. On top of more prevalent genres, the Criterion Channel distinguishes itself from other providers by offering an entire library of criterion channel movies in genres such as avant-garde, film noir, and silent films. It provides a much-needed respite for individuals bored with the regular assortment of movies available from other streaming services. 


It takes a novel approach to content organization, allowing users to browse the director or find female-directed films. With additional decade- and country-based filtering tools, you can find your favorite movies even faster.


Although the Criterion Channel app is the go-to service for cinephiles and film students, some of the content may not appeal to everyone, so it's not the most excellent choice if you have one streaming service.

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What is the Criterion Channel?   In November 2018, the Criterion Channel debuted as a stand-alone channel. When HBO Max opened in May 2020, it will broadcast live movies and be available on WarnerMedia's new on-demand video streaming platform.   The Criterion Channel's programming catalog includes historic and modern films from major studios and niche distributors, including various Hollywood films and art-house, independent, and international films. In addition to a diverse range of programming, the channel maintains a special features library that it says gives "context that no other service can match."

The Criterion Channel Subscription

  • It costs $10.99 per month or $99.99 per year to subscribe to the Criterion Channel.
  • That's more expensive than most on-demand video streaming services but far from the most costly. 
  • You might want to avail of the 14-day free trial, but you must give payment information to do so. 
  • The Criterion channel cost is quite similar to that of other similar streaming services.
  • The Criterion Channel app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and streaming media platforms like Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, and Xbox One.
  • A stream on the PlayStation 4 for the Criterion Channel is currently not available.
  • When streaming video on Chromebooks, Xbox Ones, and Linux devices, Criterion warns that DRM measures may cause compatibility concerns.


User Interface:

  • The web presence of Criterion Channel is simple and elegant, with a mix of black, white, and grey components. 
  • Performance is generally good, although specific sites (such as the All Films page) took a while to load and refresh after adding new filters. 
  • Home, Now Playing, Search, All Files, and Criterion.com are all accessible via a menu at the top of the screen. 
  • The users have the option to edit profile settings by clicking an icon in the upper-right corner. The options for the profile are standard. 
  • You can change your account's email address and password, unsubscribe from email notifications and alter your subscription billing information.

Content catalog:

  • The Criterion Channel app's programming inventory pales in contrast to services like Hulu and Netflix, with fewer than 2,000 titles to pick from. 
  • It makes up for its lack of numbers with exclusivity. No other service offers a broader range of cult classics, foreign films, and Hollywood classics.
  • The Criterion Channel's extensive library of supplementary content, including commentary tracks, documentaries, interviews, and video essays, is particularly appealing to prospective filmmakers. 
  • Choose from 3,500 additional features and 350 shorts in The Criterion Channel's content collection when you feel like ditching movies and series.

Unique sorting:

  • With a sorting algorithm unlike any other streaming service, the Criterion Channel app layout facilitates the discovery of new content. 
  • You can choose from categories including 1970s sci-fi, Criterion editions, crucial art house, and female filmmakers and receive alerts about new additions to the library. 
  • This organized interface highlights The Criterion Channel's impressive content selection and makes it simple to navigate.

What does it lack?

Parental controls:

  • There are no parental restrictions or a kid's profile options on the web or the criterion channel app.
  • The majority of the subscribers on the platform are adults.

DVR Storage:

  • It does not have any DVR storage. Additionally, you cannot download content for offline viewing later. 


The Criterion Channel is a powerful service designed specifically for classic and art-house movie aficionados. It offers ad-free streaming of Criterion Collection movies, with the majority of them in full HD. Unfortunately, the service's major flaw is that not every film from the Criterion Collection is streamable. 

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