Sundance Now subscription cost, shows and review 2022

Paushali Banerjee | Streaming Expert

I rate Sundance Now a 6.9 out of 10. Like the very popular film festival with a similar name, Sundance Now features documentaries, films, and series with high-quality and thought-provoking content. In addition, it has an impressive library of well-picked foreign content, and it is already producing its own Sundance Now shows, films, and documentaries.


Because it allows for unlimited simultaneous viewing, the Sundance Now app is ideal for families and groups of friends. Just know that you won't see it in 4K because it only broadcasts in standard and high definition. 


On the other hand, Sundance Now app provides inexpensive and award-winning entertainment without commercials. Unfortunately, Sundance Now also lacks the technological capabilities of other subscription services, such as mobile app offline downloads, full HD streaming, parental controls, multiple watching profiles, and subtitle adjustments. 


Unless you are a huge fan of Sundance Now's original programming or film lineup, these technical incapacities are hard to ignore.

Get Started With Sundance Now Now!

Sundance Now is a high-end on-demand streaming service featuring a diverse selection of films. Sundance Now caters to consumers who appreciate intelligent, well-produced movies, documentaries, and television shows, rather than taking a Netflix-style approach of appealing to everyone.    Sundance Now app (a division of AMC Networks) specializes in independent films and television shows. However, its selection is limited. The service also falls short in assisting audiences in discovering new material.

Sundance now subscription cost

  • Sundance Now costs $6.99 per month, but you may save money by purchasing an annual subscription for $59.99. 
  • Although the program offers a seven-day Sundance Now free trial, you must provide payment information to gain access. 
  • Sundance Now is available on the web and through the service's mobile (Android and iOS) and media streaming (Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku) apps. 

What features does Sundance Now offer?

User Interface:

  • The online interface for Sundance Now is very simple. 
  • The streaming service is a mix of black, white, and yellow elements that go hand in hand with the Sundance logo. 
  • A navigation menu with the following items may be found at the top of Sundance Now's main page: My List, Series, Films, Collections.
  • The search function accepts queries for program and movie titles and any cast members who are listed. 
  • Change your associated email and password in the upper right-hand corner, set a profile name (visible when you leave a show review), and adjust your subscription in the My Account area.


The content you can watch:

  • Every week, Sundance Now releases new documentaries, films, and series. Industry "tastemakers choose popular and award-winning films from worldwide.'' 
  • The site has a special partnership with the Sundance Film Festival, in which award-winning filmmakers are invited to compile and submit lists of their favorite films. 
  • You don't have to be concerned about annoying commercials on the Sundance Now shows or movies interfering with your enjoyment.
  • "The Split," a program about a successful divorce lawyer suffering from her personal life, "McMafia," a show based on a novel about a Russian mob boss residing in London, and "The Preppy Murder," a docuseries about a crime perpetrated in 1980s New York, are all popular series on Sundance Now app.


Simultaneous streaming:

  • The Sundance Now app has a significant competitive edge thanks to the service's simultaneous watching functionality. 
  • Sundance Now is an enticing alternative for large families and movie-loving groups of friends because of this feature alone. 
  • The Sundance app may be streamed simultaneously across four devices with no loss of visual quality. 
  • Just don't expect to find any information about simultaneous watching on the company's website.

What does it lack?

Parental Controls and DVR Storage:

  • There are no parental controls on the Sundance now app. There is no live TV as well as any DVR Storage.


Sundance Now app's streaming collection may appeal to indie film and television fans, but it doesn't go as far as its other competitors. More crucially, it lacks many features that other subscription video streaming services offer, such as sophisticated accessibility options, offline downloading via mobile apps, and 1080p (or greater) streaming.

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