Filmatique- Review Get the best of critically acclaimed films from every global festival

Paushali Banerjee | Streaming Expert

I rate Filmatique an 6.2 on 10. Today's video streaming services span every aspect of the entertainment industry. Some are fantastic for binge-watching the most recent and finest original programs. Others provide you with excellent sports coverage.


The Filmatique app, on the other hand, specializes in indie and foreign films. Cinephiles can find enough to like in the filmatique service, which curates a series of under-the-radar films alongside related editorial content. 


However, the service lacks apps for several popular platforms, does not allow for subtitle customization, and lacks some of the social aspects that make competitors more inviting. Film buffs may overlook these flaws (particularly given the low price), but Filmatique falls short of the competitors in terms of library size and technical features.


Filmatique's selected collections are sure to appeal to budget-conscious moviegoers on the hunt for the next masterpiece, but the service lacks apps for many prominent platforms, many titles lack closed captioning choices, and it has fewer entries than competitors. You can also cancel Filmatique anytime. 

Get Started With Filmatique Now!

Filmatique.com, a New York-based internet streaming portal dedicated to emerging filmmakers and arthouse cinema, debuted a few weeks ago. It provides the general population of North America with an irresistible opportunity to become familiar with European and other continental films that have recently debuted on the international festival circuit but are not yet available on the US market.


New titles are added to the streaming library every thursday, all of which come with unique interviews with the directors. The Filmatique apphas distributed over 200 films to American audiences since its inception in 2017, interviewed scores of award-winning filmmakers from across the world, expanded to Canada and started their own Talents project.

What does Filmatique cost?

  • Filmatique is one of the cheapest video streaming services we've reviewed so far, at $4.95 per month. 
  • The yearly package for the Filmatique app is only $49.95 per year. 
  • A 30-day filmatique free trial of the service is available to new users.
  • Filmatique is exclusively available on Apple TV, iOS, and Roku devices, aside from its web interface. 
  • There are no apps for Android, Chromecast, or Fire TV devices, let alone game consoles, on the service.
  • A Filmatique spokesman confirmed that Android and Fire TV apps are in the works.

What features does Filmatique offer?

User Experience:


  • The website is designed in a minimalistic and quite modern way. 
  • In addition to the "Library" page, which includes a variety of posters from the films available for streaming, the site also features interviews with featured directors, essays on featured films, and "Questionnaires," though it's unclear how these vary from interviews. 
  • Each interview concludes with a link to the video, as well as a list of the other curated interviews, complete with names and photos, at the bottom of the page.
  • Each of the interviews I looked into, out of a total of twenty-four, was unique to the Filmatique app. 
  • From the top navigation bar, you can simply access every component of the site. 
  • The streaming interface is simple and straightforward to use, with only a few options for volume and visual quality. 
  • It has a player that appears as you scroll and a comments section; there were no published comments on any of the videos I saw at the time of writing.

Content available on Filmatique

  • Filmatique just added the "Post-Soviet Cinema" collection, which includes films from the former Soviet Bloc, including Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Georgia. 
  • These films dealt with a variety of topics, including the advancement of technology and its impact on the Central Asian people's traditional way of life.
  • American Indie III, Filmatique Talents II, Reygadas x Larran, Spotlight on Brazil II, Queer Cinema, The Future is Female (Directors), and Visions from the South of the World are just a few of the series that Filmatique has organized. 
  • I counted 13 separate categories in the Current Series area at the time of testing, each with roughly five entries.
  • Tormenting The Hen, Mom, New Jerusalem, and Pavilion are just a few of the films in the American Indie III series to give you a sense of what to expect. 
  • When I Saw You, Court, Tuplan, and Horses of God are among the nominees in the Foreign Language Oscar Submissions III category. 
  • The Future is Female (Directors) is a series of films directed by women. Ursula Meier helmed Home, Chloé Zhao directed Songs My Brother Taught Me, Eliza Hittman directed It Felt Like Love, Andrea Arnold directed Red Road, and Ana Lily Amirpour filmed A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

Streaming quality

  • Although the Filmatique app allows playback resolutions up to 1080p, many of the entries are limited to lesser resolutions. 
  • Some movies, for example, are not accessible in 720p, while others are only available in 540p.

What features does Filmatique lack?

Parental controls:

  • With Filmatique, there are no parental control choices, but this is a feature that is uncommon among dedicated cinema streaming services and isn't fully important.


DVR Storage:


  • There is also no availability of DVR storage on the app. 


Filmatique is a low-cost movie streaming service that caters to serious cinephiles. Those who wish to stay as far away from big-budget Hollywood blockbusters as possible will appreciate the presentation of handpicked film Series alongside important editorial and video content.


However, the Filmatique app does not capture every facet of the experience. There is a case to be made that more focused curation is better, the service has other, more glaring flaws, such as a lack of subtitle customization choices and uneven 1080p support.

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