A free-of-cost streaming service with a lot of options to choose from.

Nitika Dahiya | Streaming Expert

I rate Crackle a 7.9/10. Crackle is one of the scarce legitimate apps on the market that allows you to watch TV episodes, movies, and other video content for free. Sure, it's ad-supported, and ads can occasionally interrupt programs, but the amount of content available makes it well worth it. 


The most well-known of the free ad-supported streaming services is Crackle TV. Although it has a more extensive content catalog than competitors such as Tubi, it still lags behind the streaming behemoths.


The other problem is that none of it is in high definition. Crackle does produce some unique shows, but just a few are worth watching, and the rest of its lineup is disappointing. In addition, we'd like to see significant usability enhancements in both the web and mobile interfaces. 


The service is accessible on a variety of platforms, and its streaming performance was flawless. It doesn't have an excellent interface or advanced capabilities like offline downloading or complete HD broadcasts, which is anticipated. 

Anyone with a limited budget might want to check it out for its movie library despite its shortcomings.

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Crackle is a free streaming service that lets you watch movies and TV shows on demand. It also features an original content collection explicitly built for the service. Sony bought Crackle in 2006, and it's been dubbed "Sony Crackle" ever since. The streaming service's controlling share was sold to Chicken Soup for the Soul in March 2019. Crackle is now produced in collaboration with the two firms. Crackle is available for free in the United States and Australia, requiring a Latin America and Caribbean subscription.

Crackle Subscription package

Crackle is free of cost streaming service. 

  • There's no financial reason to stay away from Crackle because it's free. 
  • Ads support Crackle, much like other free sites, and there's no way to get rid of them.
  •  I'd love to be able to pay to remove adverts and unlock other features. 
  • Tubi is another entirely free on-demand movie and television provider. 
  • IMDb TV, Plex, and Vudu, for example, all offer free on-demand content libraries. Paid live television services are more expensive. 
  • Crackle has apps for a variety of systems. On the web, on mobile devices (Android and iOS), on game platforms (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), on streaming media devices (Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku), and on select smart TVs, you may watch content (LG, Samsung, and Vizio).


User Interface:

  • Like Tubi and Pluto TV, Crackle does not require registration to see its content on any platform. 
  • The power to add items to a watchlist is the main advantage of creating an account. 
  • Crackle's online interface is functional, and the black, orange and white color palette is pleasing to the eye, although the content might be better organized.
  • Crackle refers to its main page as a channel because it features a slideshow with featured material and curated sections of content underneath it. 
  • Spotlight, Stand, Crackle Originals, Stand-Up Comedy, Film School For Free, and Movie Franchise Channels are just a few examples. 
  • The issue is that the section headings aren't clickable and don't match.

Content catalog:

  • Crackle boasts an extensive library of on-demand movies, several well-known TV programs, and original programming with famous actors affiliated with the projects. 
  • Based on agreements with content creators, the content possibilities tend to rotate often. 
  • On the Crackle movie selection, there are usually no shortages of big-name performers. 
  • Stars such as Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, and Samuel L. Jackson frequently appear in featured films. 
  • Although the television series selection on Crackle isn't as broad as the movie selection, it nevertheless includes some well-known titles. 
  • Some are a little out of date, but others, such as Bewitched, are everlasting classics. 
  • There isn't enough kid-friendly content except for crackle anime.

VPN Compatibility:

  • While connecting to Private Internet Access VPN servers in the United States, Canada, and Sweden, I attempted to stream a movie on Crackle. 
  • Only my Windows desktop connected to the US-based server allowed me to stream content.

What does it lack?


Streaming experience:

  • Crackle's playback screen is well-designed and has all of the necessary controls. 
  • There are 10-second rewind and fast-forward buttons and the option to create closed captions directly from the player.
  •  However, there is no indicator of the streaming resolution, which is a letdown. I'm guessing the solution is capped at 720p based on the quality of the feeds. 
  • A few of the movies on that service are only available in a 540p resolution.

No offline downloads:

  • Crackle does not offer offline downloads on mobile devices, which is not anticipated from a free service. 
  • The number of simultaneous streams is less critical for free services, but I could sign in to the same account on a PC and a mobile test device and stream content simultaneously. 
  • Although you can watch it on the Crackle app.

Ineffective parental controls:

  • In the settings, Crackle does have a parental control option, although it's pretty rudimentary. 
  • You can't specify what you want to prohibit by rating; it either blocks all of the platform's mature content or none of it at all. 
  •  Even if you can persuade your youngster to share your account, neither of you can create numerous profiles. 
  • As a result, you and your child are both limited in what you can watch.


I believe Crackle has a place in your streaming options if you have opted to cut the cord or cancel your subscription streaming services to save money. This publicly available content includes a combination of popular movies and TV series and some original work. The content on Crackle is straightforward, with options to categorize videos by most popular, featured, or just added. At the very least, Sony's absolutely free service is worth a try.

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