Britbox subscription cost, features review 2022

Paushali Banerjee | Streaming Expert

I rate BritBox a seven on 10. BritBox is one of North America's most popular niche VOD streaming providers. The majority of the service's content is made up of BBC and ITV programs and movies. 


So whether you like TV dramas or comedies, you'll be able to find plenty of amazing shows to watch. If you enjoy British television and want to try the service, the streamer offers a free seven-day trial on the BritBox account.


BritBox app provides programming from two of the most prestigious British broadcasters, the BBC and ITV, which is enough to pique the interest of any British television enthusiast. The monthly fee is also reasonable.


Its technical talents, on the other hand, are underwhelming. For example, it lacks mobile device offline downloads, user profiles, and specific basic playing settings.

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What is BritBox?

BritBox is a subscription-based movie and TV service that launched in March 2017 in the United States and Canada (and in November 2019 in the United Kingdom). It has roughly 1.5 million subscribers in North America.


The service, a collaboration between the British television networks ITV and the BBC, solely focuses on British shows and films. While the content libraries and offerings of the North American and British versions of BritBox TV are nearly identical, the main distinctions are in the content library and offerings, with the US version having a lesser variety. In addition, BritBox Originals are available to both UK and US subscribers.

BritBox Subscription

  • BritBox costs $6.99 monthly or $69.99 for an annual subscription. The business does provide a BritBox free seven-day trial, but you must sign up with a payment method. 
  • Although the monthly cost is less than most other on-demand video streaming services, it is still not the lowest. 
  • BritBox is available on the web and media devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and mobile platforms like iOS and Android.
  •  BritBox is also available on Samsung, Panasonic (before 2016 models), and Vestel smart TVs. 
  • BritBox, on the other hand, does not have native apps for game consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • BritBox can now subscribe via Prime Video Channels (BritBox on Amazon Prime) or Apple TV Channels, expanding its platform coverage.


User experience on BritBox:

  • BritBox's web interface is simple to use, and I had no problems with performance when browsing the site. 
  • A cool, relaxing mix of blues, whites, and greys make up Elements. I also like how the interface does not feel cluttered. 
  • There are a few handy navigational features, such as drop-down submenus for picking various genres from the main menu and dedicated sliders for selecting a specific season of a show from the main menu. 
  • BritBox TV regularly requires you to reenter your password before accessing key account areas, such as parental control settings or subscription settings, which is a nuisance.

What can you watch on BritBox?

  • BritBox continually adds new content, but it currently has hundreds of programs, thousands of episodes, and a significant library of great British films. 
  • The categories range from classic dramas (Pride and Prejudice, House of Cards, Inspector Morse) to classic British comedies (Absolutely Fabulous, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Black Adder), more recent classics (Downton Abbey, Broadchurch), and newer reality Britbox shows like Love Island and The Only Way Is Essex.

Playback on BritBox:

  • BritBox TV supports up to five simultaneous streams. 
  • Closed captions are available for most of BritBox's programming. However, the font size is the only thing you can change. 
  • Audio Descriptions, which are audible narrations of on-screen activities and locations that would otherwise be indistinguishable from the speech, are also not supported by any of the series.
  • It also offers proper parental controls.

Features missing in Britbox

DVR storage:

  • BritBox does not provide any DVR storage options. However, for streaming services that aren't traditional TV substitutes, this is relatively normal. 
  • However, other similar programs, such as CBS All Access, allow you to download content and watch it offline. 
  • The subscribers can't stream content on BritBox without an internet connection.


BritBox App features a lot of British material. It's cheap and doesn't have advertising. However, it is frustrating because it does not save shows for offline watching on mobile devices or create separate user profiles. Other issues we have are the poor playback interface and the fact that web and mobile streaming is limited to 720p.

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