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I rate Bet plus an 8.3 on 10. BET (Black Entertainment Television) is the latest in a long line of cable TV networks to launch on-demand video services to store their material for convenient streaming. BET+ is a premium on-demand video service that caters to an African-American audience. 


Even if surfing through the library may be improved, the library has enough variety to keep different audiences interested. In terms of the technology powering the streaming service, BET Plus is currently rather basic. You may navigate several content categories on the main page and see a curated list of featured movies and TV shows.


It allows you to watch almost all of the network's programming, movies, live specials, Bet plus shows and other content online. So if you're looking for new content and a seemingly infinite supply of films and programs to lose yourself in, this streaming service will most certainly leave you wanting more.

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What is BET Plus   BET Plus is a streaming service from the Black Entertainment Television channel. The streaming service, which debuted in 2019, includes practically all of BET's regular programming and exclusive material from creators such as Tyler Perry.    BET+ app offers a mix of classic movies and shows and a variety of programming available through the BET+ streaming service. BET+ is a niche streaming service that can be used in conjunction with live TV streaming services. You won't be able to rely exclusively on BET+ for all of your TV demands if you want to cut the cable TV cord.

How much is Bet Plus?

  • BET+ costs $9.99 per month. There are no advertisements or additional tiers. 
  • That makes it the most expensive of the Black-focused streaming services I've looked into. 
  • This subscription service offers a bet plus free trial period for seven days. 
  • The somewhat perplexing sign-up process for BET+ could result in you paying more than you intended. 
  • To begin with, BET+ is not the same as BET. If you already have BET through your cable provider, you may now access the free streaming app. 
  • BET+ requires a separate subscription.
  • Once you've signed up with BET+, you can use it on a variety of devices. Mobile (Android and iOS), media streaming devices (Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku), and web browsers are all supported. 
  • However, there is no compatibility with video game consoles.


User Interface:

  • The web design for BET+ is quite typical, with a lovely black and purple color palette. A rolling selection of highlighted movies and series appears at the top of the screen. 
  • As you scroll down the screen, you'll notice rows of shows divided by genres, such as dramas, reality shows, and stand-up comedy. 
  • This menu also includes a list of the programs you're now watching.

Streaming experience:

  • Currently, the Bet plus app does not allow you to watch videos offline. As a result, you'll require Wi-Fi to use the service. 
  • When you sign in to a BET+ account, you can watch on several devices simultaneously. 
  • The software is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets. However, keep in mind that the BET+ bundle on Apple TV and Prime Video is not the same as the BET+ streaming service. 
  • If you buy a subscription through Apple TV or Prime Video, you won't be able to view it on other devices.

The best African- American catalog:

  • For example, Tyler Perry and Will Packer are African American artists on both sides of the camera that bring you new and old entertainment in the form of docuseries, movies, TV shows, sitcoms, specials, and more. 
  • BET exclusives and content from other Viacom brands, including Comedy Central and MTV, are included in the collection.

Number of devices:

  • At present, there does not appear to be a limit to how many users can watch on a single account.

Does it support Live TV?

  • Exclusive programs and more from prominent Black content creators may be found on the BET+ app.
  • BET NOW provides consumers with On Demand and live TV content from BET Networks' television stations. 
  • To watch BET NOW, you'll need a TV provider subscription, while certain material is available without a login.

Playback quality:

  • You can watch videos in full-screen mode, but you can't change the video quality. 
  • The newer stuff appears to be HD, and I had no problems watching it on my 4K television using my home Wi-Fi connection (60Mbps download).

Features missing on Bet Plus

DVR Storage  
  • There is no DVR Storage available on the Bet plus app. You cannot download your content offline.

Parental controls:

  • Although most of the content on Bet plus is suitable for adult viewers, Bet plus doesn't offer parental controls or ratings. 

BET Plus Popular TV Shows

  • Tyler Perry's Sistas (original series)
  • About the Business
  • Twenties
  • American Soul
  • Black Coffee
  • Being Mary Jane
  • Boomerang
  • Black Card Revoked
  • Bigger
  • The Miss Pat Show
  • First Wives Club
  • Leimert Park
  • Dark Money
  • American Gangster: Trap Queens
  • The Rich and Ruthless
  • The Family affair


BET's premium streaming service features a wide range of popular African American programming and historical films. It also has its own original Bet plus shows, films, and specials.


While BET+ offers some of the most popular Black movies and episodes from ViacomCBS, it's costly and lacks basic functionality, which left me with mixed thoughts.

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