Which one is First Netflix Original?

One of the main reasons for purchasing the Netflix plan is its Original series. Nowadays, subscribers eagerly await for next season of Netflix web series. If you are a huge fan of it, you must be interested to know about First Netflix Original. Netflix produced the first original titled Lilyhammer.

In fact, Lilyhammer was co-produced by Netflix and NRK1. It was first premiered in Norway. Thereafter it was available to Netflix subscribers as Netflix Original. So it is up to you to consider it as the first Netflix Original or not.

Lilyhammer was not much liked by the audience. It was stopped after three seasons only. But it started the journey of Netflix originals. After Lilyhammer, a series of originals production started which are being watched and appreciated.

First Netflix Original

The first Netflix Original which was fully produced by Netflix for its subscribers is House of Cards. It became one of the most appreciated drama series on Television. It has 06 seasons so far with a total of 73 episodes. Let’s find out why you should watch this Netflix original series.

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First Netflix Original House of Card

House of Card, a popular American political drama series, was first released by Netflix on 01 Feb 2013. The first season consists of 13 episodes and sets the story of an American Congressman who is set to be appointed as Secretary of State.

If you want to keep yourself thrilled for a day or two, This show is best to watch. House of Card has been nominated several times for prestigious awards. Its cast has also won a few of them. Most popular include TV series drama best actress 2014 & TV series drama best actor 2015 awards won by its lead cast.

From the table above, you can evaluate its popularity and user review. Though, the last season of this First Netflix original series was not as good as previous seasons. It had bad ratings on IMDB and other major movie review platforms. The last season of House of Card had only 8 episodes. The lead role actor was also removed due to some controversy.

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Finally, All seasons are over and available on Netflix. There is no news of the upcoming season. Netflix already announced that the 6th season of House of Card is the last one. But the First 5 season of House of Card is really must-watch web series and you should not miss them.

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