Netflix plan prices, comparison and best plan 2020

Netflix is the leader of OTT apps worldwide. Having the largest collection of movies & originals, Netflix remains the first choice for movie lovers. It also offers a free trial of 30 days to new customers. So that they can decide to subscribe to it or not, after using it for a month. In this post, I am going to explain Netflix plans, plans comparison and most suitable plan for a user.

Netflix Plans

Netflix has different plans in different countries. Here, we will talk about Netflix plans USA. It offers three plans to its USA subscribers.

  1. Basic Plan
  2. Standard Plan
  3. Premium Plan

Netflix Basic Plan

It is the cheapest plan having the least features. Content access is the same in all plans. It means basic plan users are getting access to all movies, TV shows and other digital content offered to premium plan subscribers. All the content will be available in Standard Definition (SD) in the basic plan.

No HD & ultra HD features are available in this plan. Netflix’s basic plan user can access content only on a single screen.

If you are planning to use a streaming device like Google Chromecast to cast a mobile screen on TV, it is not going to work with this plan. But you can directly play movies on laptop, PC or smart TV using Netflix web or app.

A free trial of 1 month is also available with this plan. Netflix’s Basic plan price is $8.99 a month.

Netflix plan

Netflix Standard Plan

Netflix’s standard plan costs $12.99 for a month. The first month is available as a free trial. Considering the features, there are two upgrades. Content is available in High Definition (HD).

Ultra High Definition (UHD) is not available in this plan.

The second upgrade is related to the number of screens. Standard plan subscribers can access content from two screens simultaneously. It means you can use a streaming device and watch Netflix on a bigger screen of a TV having an HDMI port.

It is vital to notice that two persons are able to watch Netflix content with the standard plan.


For example, two friends or siblings, sign up for Netflix standard plan. They will be able to log in the same account from their respective devices and access content. In this way, it will be cheaper than the Basic plan and also available with a high definition feature.

Premium Plan

As the name suggests, it’s the best plan loaded with features. It costs $15.99 a month which is almost double the basic plan price.

Here also, two upgrades in features. One is related to content quality and the other is about the number of screens.

Content is available in HD and UHD. It means better resolution and clarity.

However, we should not forget about data consumption. UHD will consume high internet data than HD & SD. If you have subscribed to a limited data plan, you should also consider this point.

Premium subscribers have access to content on 4 screens simultaneously. It means Netflix’s premium account holder can be logged in four devices and access content at the same time.

Netflix offers a free trial of 1 month to premium plan subscribers also.

In fact, It offers a premium plan as a free trial to its subscriber. It means you will get all the features of the premium plan during your free trial. Once a free trial is about to end, you can switch to a basic or standard plan as per your suitability.

This is all about Netflix plans price and its features. If you are confused to select the best plan for you, I am going to help by showing the Netflix plan comparison below.

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Netflix plan comparison

Here in the below table, Netflix plan comparison is given along with each Netflix plan price and features.

Netflix plan comparision

So far, you have got all the details of features and prices. So now, you can choose the best plan for you as per your requirement. Still confused, let me help you out.

Choose any one plan that fits the most as per your requirement. Subscribe to this plan as a Netflix free trial. Use it for a few days and you will come to realize whether it fulfills your requirements or not.

The user can change the Netflix plan at any time. If you feel to change the Netflix plan during the free trial offer, change it. You can test all plan features during the free trial period. At the end of Netflix’s free trial, choose the most suitable one.

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If you are in a family or a group of friends and don’t bother much about privacy, you can go with Netflix premium plan. You can share your account credentials with others and watch content on different devices.

The only drawback of sharing account credentials is that others can check your watch history. But this technique offers you the most features at a reasonable cost.

In your opinion, which Netflix plan is best and why. Have your opinion in comment section please.

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