Hotstar US deals & promo codes 2021

Notice:- Hotstar USA, has discontinued its services from 01 Sept 2021. You can read all details regarding Hotstar content migration to alternative streaming services, refunds and other details by clicking here.

Below is the complete list of Hotstar US deals & promo codes 2021. You will get a $5 instant discount on a Hotstar subscription plus gift cards and dealer offers with each promo code. Choose the best offer from the given coupon codes and click on Visit Hotstar to get instant benefits.

List of Hotstar US deals

Hotstar US Deals
$5 Instant Discout + $15 Tropocart gift card
$44.99 $49.99
$20 guarantee benefits
2 years ago

Hotstar Student Discount

$44.99 $49.99
Get $5 Discount + $15 Tropocart Gift Card
3 years ago

Hotstar ThanksGiving Flash Sale

$44.99 $49.99
Get $5 Instant discount + $15 Tropocart Gift Card
Visit Hotstar
3 years ago

Hotstar Diwali offer

$44.99 $49.99
Get 10% discount +$20 DST Gift card + $15 Tropocart Gift card
Visit Hotstar
2 years ago

Hotstar IPL 2021 offer

$44.99 $49.99
$5 discount + $15 Tropocart Gift Card
Valid in the USA only.
Best Hotstar promo code – Get $40 instant benefit
3 years ago

Hotstar Premium Subscription

$44.99 $49.99
$5 discount + $10 Tropo gift card +$25 Payoneer wallet cash
2 years ago

Hotstar Independence Day Offer

$44.99 $49.99
$5 off in Hotstar US subscription + $15 Tropocart gift card + 60 InstaRem credit
Offer valid in the USA only.
Best seller
2 years ago

Hotstar Father's Day Deal

$44.99 $49.99
Get $5 intant discount + $20 DST gift card + $20 Payoneer cashback
All benefits 100% free.
Editor choice
2 years ago

Hotstar Parents Day Offer

$44.55 $49.99
Subscribe Hotstar and Get a $5 instant discount+ $25 Payoneer wallet cash + $20 instant discount in ABCmouse subscription + 30% discount on all Edureka courses
Editor choice
2 years ago

Hotstar Memorial Day offer

$44.99 $49.99
Get $5 discount + $25 Payoneer cashback + 20% discount on Edureka courses
Valid in the USA only. This promo code can be used by a maximum of 2 times per person.
Best value
2 years ago

Hotstar Mother's day Deal

$44.99 $49.99
Get an instant discount of $5 + 20% discount on all Edureka courses
1 year ago

Hotstar Deals - Get $40 benefit

$44.99 $49.99
Get $5 instant discount + $25 cashback
For $25 cashback, the user needs to signup and make a transaction on the Payoneer account.
Editor choice
3 years ago

Hotstar Premium Membership

44.99 $49.99
Best Hotstar US coupon to get multiple benefits. Get a $5 instant discount + 25% off at AOTAX platform. AOTAX file ITR of Indian IT professionals from last 10 years.
Valid for USA & Canada only

Here are the details of each Hotstar USA deal.

  1. Hotstar IPL 2020 offer – When you use promo code CRICBUZ, you will get a 10% instant discount on the yearly subscription. In addition to it, you will get a $15 gift card from Tropocart. Tropocart will also send an IPL T-shirt to every 15th user of this Hotstar IPL promo code subscriber.
  2. Hotstar Tropocart deal – To avail of this Hotstar USA deal, you will require to use promo code TROPO10. Similar to Hotstar IPL 2020 offer, You will get $5 off and a $10 Tropocart gift card. Here you will also get a $25 Payoneer wallet cashback.
  3. Hotstar Freedom Day Promo code – This promotion has been started during USA Independence Day. However, it is still active. Use coupon code FREEDOM to get the benefits of this offer. In this deal, you will get a gift voucher of $20 from the DST courier and a $25 Payoneer wallet cashback. 
  4. Father’s Day Deal – This coupon code is best during father’s day on 20 June every year. All benefits are similar to the Independence day offer. You should use code SUPERDAD to get all the benefits.
  5. Hotstar Parents Day coupon – When we compare all subscription coupons, this is the best promotion we have found. It will give you Hotstar plus ABCmouse subscription for your kid’s online learning. When you use code STARKIDS, you will get a $5 discount on Hotstar subscription + $20 discount in ABCmouse subscription + $25 Payoneer wallet cash and 30% discount on all Edureka online courses. You will need to pay only $44.99 a year and in returns, you are getting hundreds of dollars benefits instantly. 
  6. Hotstar USA Memorial Day Deal – Use promo code MEMORIAL to get a $5 discount + $25 Payoneer wallet cash + 20% discount in Edureka courses. This Hotstar promotion runs during the memorial day sale.
  7. Hotstar Mother’s Day deal – When you are subscribing to Hotstar during May, you can use the Hotstar mother’s day promotion. Use promo code SUPERMOM and get all benefits mentioned in the coupon box above.
  8. Hotstar USA promo FIRST100 – Similar to the other Hotstar USA deals, this coupon code also gives you a discount of $5 and $25 cashback. This coupon is not a season-based promotion and remains active all time of the year.
  9. Hotstar US Deals BLOG2020 – This is the most used Hotstar US coupon code. The benefits with this promo code remain changing and the best offer is being provided with this coupon. Currently, you will get a $5 off + $20 DST gift card. But it will be changed when a new offer will be available. This promo code can be redeemed at any time and it is not an occasion-based Hotstar coupon

If you’re an Indian entertainment enthusiast, Hoststar is your best option for OTT apps. The Indian streaming service allows its customers to watch various live sports, Indian TV shows, and movies. This OTT platform is also your go for premium international films and television series and domestic programs and sports content.

Users can also enjoy selected movies and shows from other countries, including the UK and the USA. Shows are available in eight languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and Malayalam.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can get Hotstar US subscription deals.

Hotstar US subscription

As part of its Hotstar US Plans, Hotstar used to offer a free subscription plan, but this plan is no more available. All users have to subscribe to paid plans only.

Hotstar has also stopped the monthly recurring plan, which allows users to pay the subscription fee of $19.99 every month. Currently, only the annual entertainment plan is available. The good news is, Hotstar has reduced its yearly subscription rate of $99.99 by 50%.

It is currently $49.99. This discount makes Hotstar the best OTT app at a reasonable price. In other words, its subscription plan worth it to access the huge library of premium content.

Hotstar US TV programs

Hotstar US Discounts

Are you looking to save costs on your Hotstar subscription? Here is how you can subscribe at a discounted price using the Hotstar US promo code.

Hotstar US deals are currently ongoing. You can have access to the Hotstar Premium package by using Hotstar coupon code BLOG2020. The coupon offers a $5 discount for Hotstar annual premium subscription.  With this code, you will only pay $44.99 when you sign up for a yearly subscription.

This deal is the best Hotstar USA discount that provides a more affordable option for the Hotstar subscription.

With Hotstar US promo code, you will have access to:

  • The full library of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.
  • All international sports events.
  • Newly released moves as they’re updated weekly.
  • Awesome video quality and user experience.
  • A more affordable subscription cost than other OTT platforms.

With this discount, you can have access to a wide range of Bollywood and Hollywood series, live cricket matches and other sports content, and web series. All at a discounted price of $44.99 per year.

Also Checkout

Hotstar Canada offers & Promo code

offer terms & condition

  • This offer is valid for Hotstar USA subscribers only.
  • This offer is for limited period only.
  • with this Hotstar USA offer, users will be able to access Hotstar on two screens.

How to activate Hotstar offer USA

To activate this Hotstar US subscription offer, you need to follow this step by step procedure.

Visit Hotstar official website.

To sign up Hotstar account, you need to visit Hotstar official website as shown in the below image. You will find the Subscribe tab in the right upper corner. Click over it and move to the second step.

Visit Hotstar US

Go through pricing and features

In this step, you will find a pop-up having all details about features, programs and pricing. Check them all and click on the start subscription tab.

Activate subscription

Sign up for Hotstar USA

Once you click on the Start subscription tab, you will be directed to the sign-up page. Enter your full name, email address and password. Click on Create account. The customer who has already signed up for Hotstar can directly log in. There is also an option to create an account using your Facebook id. Always remember to enter an accurate email address because it will be needed to change/reset the account password in case you forget.

create Hotstar US account

How to apply Hotstar coupon code?

In the 4th step of the Hotstar account activation process, you will find the tab Apply coupon as shown in the below image. Click over it and move to the next step.

Apply Hotstar coupon code

Enter promo code and apply

Enter Hotstar promo code and click on apply coupon tab. Here, we are applying Hotstar IPL offer promo code CRICBUZ. See the image below.

Enter Hotstar promo code

Verify Hotstar promo code

Once you have applied Hotstar promo code CRICBUZ, you can check the discounted price as $44.99/year + taxes on the screen. You can also check that the coupon code is marked as applied (See below image).

Hotstar offer USA applied

Pay subscription amount and activate Hotstar

This is the last step and the subscriber needs to make payment for Hotstar subscription. Enter the credit card number, expiry date, CVV number and Zip code of your area. Click the pay securely tab and complete the transaction. Once the payment is done, your Hotstar account will be active and you can start watching your favorite shows. The subscriber can also make payments through a debit card.

Enter payment details

And that’s it! You have saved $5 on the annual membership that gives you a full year of access. This includes blockbuster movies, live news, cricketing actions, the latest Indian TV shows, and more.

Moreover, you can watch Hotstar on two devices simultaneously. What makes Hotstar a video experience like no other? Seamless video playback, smart search, and friendly user interface, and hot content catalog, and more. Moreover, you can access the streaming service on two devices at a go.

Hotstar Channels

Hotstar US subscribers can access 29 live channels. These channels broadcast TV shows, movies, Hotstar specials, live as well as a replay of sports matches and news. Some channels are exclusively for Indian languages and offer content in Tamil, Telugu, Kanada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bangla and Hindi. 

The complete list of Hotstar channels is given below:

  1. Hotstar Special
  2. Star Plus
  3. Star Jalsha
  4. Star Vijay
  5. Star Bharat
  6. Life Ok
  7. Asianet
  8. Star Maa
  9. Star World
  10. Select Picks
  11. Star Pravah
  12. FoxLife
  13. Asianet Plus
  14. Star Suvarna
  15. Maa Gold
  16. Star Utsav
  17. Channel V
  18. ABP News
  19. Star Sports 1
  20. Star Sports 2
  21. Star Sports Tamil 1
  22. Star Sports Telugu
  23. Star Sports Hindi
  24. Star Sports First
  25. Star Sports Canada
  26. Star Sports Bangla
  27. Star Sports Marathi
  28. Star Sports Select HD 1
  29. Star Sports Select HD 2
Hotstar Channels

Supporting Device

The number of supporting hardware is an important aspect while subscribing to any OTT service. It determines whether we would be able to watch digital content on various devices. The good news is that you can watch Hotstar on TV, laptop, mobile devices and streaming players. Moreover, it offers streaming on two devices concurrently. Therefore, it is important to know all supporting devices.

If you want to watch Hotstar on TV, you can read our detailed tutorial of Hotstar set up on TV using Google Chromecast.

  • Android Mobile 
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Web browser support for PC
  • Amazon FireTVstick
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku
  • AndroidTV
  • Apple TV

The Hotstar subscribers can stream on all devices mentioned above.

Popular Hotstar US offers of All time

When Hotstar was launched in the USA in 2018, the subscription plans price was much higher. The monthly plan price was $11.99 a month while the yearly plan was around $119.99.

At that time, When subscribers sign up for any plan, they got an Amazon gift voucher for Hotstar subscription.  The Amazon gift card of $50 was being offered to annual plan subscribers only.

Now the Hotstar reduced its pricing and the annual subscription costs only $49.99. Therefore Hotstar Amazon gift card offered is not available currently.

Hotstar started IPL offer during Indian Premier League Edition 12 in 2019. Similar to the Amazon gift card offer, the subscription price during IPL 2019 was higher. Hotstar offered its subscription at a discounted price to new subscribers.

After plan price revision, this offer was also stopped.

Now Hotstar IPL offer 2020 is released. You can use promo code IPLUAE for the discount. Read all details about Hotstar IPL 2020 offer here.


Costco offers the Hotstar gift card. Each gift card costs $49.99 per year + you get an additional free month with Hotstar Costco offer. 

There is no monetary discount to the subscribers. But they get an extra month to watch Hotstar. You can purchase this gift card from Costco store.

In case, you want a discount coupon, you can use the Coupon code BLOG2020 to get a $5 instant discount + $10 gift voucher. 

Hotstar releases promo codes, deals, offers during festival season. Each year on the occasion of Diwali, subscribers can buy its Hotstar subscription at a discounted price.

As of now, there is no Hotstar Diwali offer going on.

Recently, we got emails from our subscribers asking promo code for Hotstar radio caravan offers. 

But there is no official Hotstar subscription radio caravan deal. However, some of its affiliates may be offering such a deal. Officially, there is no such offer from Hotstar.

Remit2India had an offer for Hotstar new subscribers. When someone purchases Hotstar subscription through Remit2India, It was giving a gift card of $20 to the subscriber.

That gift card can be redeemed only after a transaction of $1500 through Remit2India. Currently, this Hotstar offer is not active.

No, Hotstar is not free in the USA. There is no free trial. Hotstar USA has a good refund policy. The subscriber can cancel subscription within 48 hours of activation and claim for a full refund of subscription cost in case he is not satisfied with features.


With the Hotstar US deals, you can save $5 on your annual plan. You get to pay $44.99 instead of the original price of $49.99. Talk about getting value for money! This plan gives you access to the Indian Premier League cricket, HBO, and Showtime original series. With over 100,000 hours of TV content and movies across nine languages, you will never have enough entertaining programs and live sports coverage.

All these Hotstar promo code benefits keep on changing and you should check them before using them. There are few terms and conditions that need to be followed to avail of these benefits.

  1. I was searching for Hotstar US deals and most of the coupon have not worked. But your coupon code worked as you promised. Thank you very much.

  2. Thank you for the update and your promo code works. Thanks

  3. I would like to know that do these coupon codes not work for Hotstar subscription renewal. I tried two of your coupon code but didnt work for renewal.
    Thereafter I tried to sign up as fresh subscriber, then it worked. Would you have hotstar US subscription renewal promo code.
    If you have, please share. It will be very helpful.

    • Hotstar does not offer discount for subscription renewal. You can get a discount when you subscribe to a new plan. You can read all details of Hotstar subscription renewal by clicking this link.

      • Used you promo code BLOG2020 to get Hotstar annual subscription at discounted price. I got $5 instant discount but the other $45 gift card was delivered after one week of subscription.
        I found your offer valid, it will be best if you send the gift card on the same day of Hotstar subscription. Actually, when you send the gift cards, your email was delivered in spam folder.
        No one checks spam folder. I contacted the your support team member Amrita Nair about non delivery of the gift card. She reverted back promptly and advised me to check the spam folder for Hotstar promo offers.
        She was right and it was delivered. The reason of writing this detail comment is to appreciate your Hotstar subscription deal and your service support.
        It will be very helpful for Hotstar promo code users if you mention your email address in blog article. So that they can add it in their contact address and Hotstar offer gift cards are delivered in inbox directly.

  4. I like to watch bollywood and would like to know if I can watch the films in subtitle?

  5. How much its after 45+ tax in USA? Checkout doesn’t show total amount…any idea?

  6. I am looking for the contact phone number of Hotstar to discuss my membership. My number is 734-502-9419 or email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

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