How to get Vidgo free trial of 7 days

You’ve probably heard of Vidgo, a renowned live TV streaming network operator that offers over 90 live Channels of entertainment, news, and sports, including well-known names like ABC, ACC Network, ESPN, SEC Network, Big Ten Network, NFL Network, FOX, and several others. If you’ve always wanted to test out this streaming platform, now is your time to do so, as you can claim your Vidgo free trial in no time!

However, many people are clueless about how to obtain the Vidgo TV services free; therefore, in this article, we will be hovering over the different steps involved in claiming your free trial Vidgo experience. 

How much is Vidgo after the trial period? 

Vidgo TV Free Trial
Get Vidgo TV free for 7 Days only
$0 $55
Offer valid on all subscription plans and for limited time only.

Well, before we jump into the different steps involved in claiming the Vidgo free trial, it is essential to understand the various subscription plans offered by the platform. 

  1. English plus package: This is the basic starting plan for the English live TV audiences. The package offers around 95+ live TV channels, including live sports, news, and local TV shows, at an affordable price of $55 per month. 
  2. English premium package: This is the best subscription plan offered on the Vidgo platform. This premium package comes with all the amenities provided by the plus package and almost 115+ live TV channels. The English premium package is priced at $79.95 per month. In both the English plus package, and English premium package, subscribers can avail of their Vidgo free trial of up to seven days. 
  3. Spanish MAS package: This package is best suited for all those Spanish-speaking people out there. This package offers around 30 channels including, the best Latino news, sports, and entertainment channels. This package is priced at $30 per month, and in this package too, subscribers can claim their Vidgo TV free trial lasting up to seven days. 

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How to activate Vidgo TV free trial? 

Time needed: 6 minutes.

Now that you have understood the different subscription plans offered by the platform, let us find out the different steps involved in the process of claiming your Vidgo free trial.

  1. Visit Vidgo TV.

    Hop on to the Vidgo TV’s official website from your browser. At their homepage, scroll down until you find the column where different subscription plans are mentioned. Or simply hit the “Start free trial” option on the website’s homepage.Vidgo free trial

  2. Select your plan.

    After you have clicked the “Start free trial” option from the homepage, you will be redirected to a new tab. In the new tab, you can see the three different plans that are offered by the website. Simply select your desired plan and hit the “free trial” option as mentioned below for each plan.Vidgo TV plans

  3. Filling out information.

    Once you have chosen preferred subscription plan, you will be redirected to the website billing information page. In this phase, you need to fill out your valid information such as your name, e-mail address, password, phone number, credit card number, Exp date of the card, security code, and your billing zip code. Once you have filled in all your valid information, check the dialog box that says, “Agree with Terms and Conditions.” Now, click the “Submit” tab at the bottom of this page. Once you hit submit, you need to verify your information through the website’s verification e-mail.Free Vidgo trial

  4. Verifying your information.

    After entering your e-mail and other information, the site will redirect you to a verification page. At this phase, you must log in to your mail and check the inbox if you have received an e-mail from them. If you have received then, click the mail, and simply click the ‘Verify your e-mail’ button. Once you click it, you will go back to the Vidgo website.Vidgo TV

  5. Enjoy Vidgo’s free trial for 7 days.

    Once your e-mail address and your billing pieces of information are verified, you will now be an official subscriber of the Vidgo website. Vidgo will not charge you for the next seven days, and you can peacefully enjoy your Vidgo free trial! Vidgo supporting devices

How long is Vidgo TV free trial? 

Each Vidgo plan present on the official page of the Vidgo website offers you a seven-day trial. If you are subscribing through your cable operator, you can claim your Vidgo free 3-day trial. 

How many simultaneous screens are available on Vidgo?

Viewers can connect to three screens and enjoy Vidgo live TV simultaneously. Vidgo also works fantastic with the Vidgo TV application that is available on both Android and iOS devices. 

Does Vidgo offer DVR with a free trial?

Vidgo is the only live TV streaming provider that does not include a cloud DVR. While the subscription lacked a DVR, it compensated with “Timeshift,” allowing you to stop, replay, or resume any live broadcast, even if you arrive late!

Do I need to submit a payment method to avail Vidgo free trial?

Yes, to avail its services free, submitting a payment method and becoming an official subscriber to the platform is mandatory. 

What devices does Vidgo support?

Vidgo can be viewed from Android, iOS, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Web browsers, Android TV, and Chromecast.

Is Vidgo free on Roku?

No, Vidgo is not directly connected with Roku. But you can become a subscriber from their official website, and view Vidgo TV on Roku.

How to cancel Vidgo free trial? 

If you feel that you want to unsubscribe to Vidgo after your trial period is over, you can log into your Vidgo account and click the “Cancel subscription” option that is available on the account settings tab.


And, there you have it! Follow the above steps and claim your free trial Vidgo TV now. You will be completely astonished by their excellent, high-definition streaming service and would never regret continuing even after your Vidgo free trial has been completed.


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