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How to get Disney Plus free trial of 07 Days in 2022

Are you looking to sign up for a Disney Plus Free Trial? Then, follow this short tutorial to learn everything about the free trial Disney Plus. With Disney subscription, you can get a lot of movies and TV Series according to the subscription type. The activation process is straightforward, and we will talk about that later. But, before that, here are some details about this free trial that can be valuable for you. 

Does Disney Plus Have a Free Trial 2022?

Unfortunately, this Free Trial is no longer available. So, those living in the UK, USA, Australia or Canada cannot enjoy this free 7-day trial anymore. 

The Disney Plus Free Trial stopped in the summer of 2020. The primary purpose behind this trial was to attract new customers. Besides, the customers don’t have to spend a dime with a free trial like this. So, lots of new customers tried out the free trial. Because of its popularity, Disney no longer needs a free trial to lure their new customers.

Will I be able to see Disney Plus Free Trial in the future?

No one has a clear answer when it comes to this question except for Disney. But, Disney might bring back this free trial for promotional purposes, especially when introducing Disney Plus to a new region. So, we cannot rule out the possibilities entirely.

Because of the huge fan base, Disney doesn’t need such promotional offers at present. But, they will give away promotional offers once in a while. So, be ready and grab those offers. 

How to Get Disney Plus Free Trial?

Even though a 07-day trial is currently unavailable, there is an alternative way to do this. If you subscribe to Verizon, you will get Disney Plus Free Trial Verizon. But, you need to subscribe before May 31st to get this free 06-months subscription. All you need to do is, get an unlimited Verizon plan, and you will get the free Disney Plus trial. This is the best way to watch Disney Plus for free. 

You can get the Basic Verizon Unlimited plan for $70. With the Basic plan, you will get 5G network access, unlimited data, and more. 

Tip: Another way to get Disney Plus for free is to ask someone to give you a gift card of Disney Plus subscription for your birthday. 

How to Activate Disney Plus Subscription?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Activating your Disney Plus subscription is not that difficult at all. Therefore, follow these steps correctly.

  1. Visit Disney Plus website.

    Click here to visit the Disney website. Once you are there, you will find the option to subscribe to Disney bundle or Disney subscription only. Click on the SIGN UP FOR DISNEY + ONLY tab, as shown below.  However, we recommend the bundle subscription considering its pricing and value.Disney Plus free trial

  2. Enter your email address.

    In the second step, you must enter your email address to create a Disney plus account. After entering the email address, check the terms and conditions and click the Agree and Continue tab below. You will get an email from Disney to verify your email address. You need to click the link to verify your email. However, you can verify email at a later stage also. After you click the given tab, you will be redirected to the next step.Create Disney Plus free account

  3. Enter your desired password.

    In the third step, you will require to enter the password for your account. The password should be of minimum six characters having one number or special character. After entering the password, hit the Continue tab to move to the next step. Create password

  4. Enter the payment details.

    This is the last step of this tutorial where you will need to enter payment details to complete the Disney plus subscription sign-up process. In this step, you will require to select one of the two given subscriptions. After choosing the plan, choose the payment method between Paypal and credit card. Next, enter the credit card details like name, card number, expiration date, security code and zip code of your area. Click the Agree and subscribe tab to complete this step. Once the payment is successful, you can start watching your favorite program on Disney plus. Enter payment details

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost?

If you live in the USA, a Disney Plus subscription will cost $7.99 per month, and for a 12-month subscription, it will cost $79.99. So, if you are planning to use Disney Plus for a long time, we would suggest an annual subscription that can save some money for you compared to a monthly subscription. 

For those who are looking for much more entertainment, they can choose a bundle like Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus. All three video streaming services come with a single bundle, and for US viewers, it will cost $13.99 per month. Buying a Disney Plus Bundle is one of the cheapest methods to enjoy Disney Plus.

Furthermore, there is a no-ads version of the above bundle, and it will cost you $19.99 per month. 

Whatever the choice is, you will always get the maximum entertainment from a Disney Plus subscription. In the next part, we will find out how to sign up for Disney Plus Free Trial with Amazon prime.

Is Disney Plus Free on Amazon Prime?

You might be thinking it is impossible to get a free trial Disney Plus. But, this is not true. Earlier in the article, we discuss the Disney Plus Free Trial Verizon. However, most people do not know there is a hidden deal in Amazon Prime that gives Disney Plus for free.

You need to register for a one-month worth of Amazon Music Unlimited to avail this offer. Then you will receive six months of Disney Plus entertainment for free. As we mentioned earlier, this is kind of a hidden deal, so make your move today.

Is Disney Plus Free with Disney Plus Bundle?

Disney Plus Bundle includes Disney Plus Hulu ESPN Plus plans. All three plans will cost you $13.99 per month, and this is a great discount price compared to each plan’s prices individually. So, we highly recommend Disney Plus Bundle for any family.

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription?

To cancel a Disney Plus subscription, first, go to the official Disney Plus website. Then go to the Account section on your profile and select the Billing Information tab. Finally, click on the Cancel Subscription button and confirm it.

Is There a Disney Plus 30-day Free Trial?

No. There is no Disney Plus 30-day free trial. But you can get Disney Plus Trials from Amazon Prime and Verizon.

Can I Sign up for Disney Plus Free Trial No Credit Card?

No, you can’t do that. You need to provide billing information.


We hope that today, you learned lots of things about the Disney Plus Free Trial. Even though this free trial is currently unavailable, it could come back soon. On the other hand, you can purchase a Disney Plus subscription for $7.99 per month. Compared to its arrivals, this is a pretty decent price tag. 

Also, you are free to cancel at any time if you don’t like their content. But, we highly doubt that. After watching Disney Plus for a month, you will be craving for more. 

Besides, if you are still looking for a free trial, wait for it to come back or subscribe to Verizon and get Disney Plus Free Trial Verizon.


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