How to activate Hayu Free Trial UK in 2022?

Hayu, which debuted in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland in 2016, features hundreds of episodes of various programs accessible for binge-watching. Hayu is viewable on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and linked televisions. Over 120 completely different shows to choose from, including renowned American and U.K. shows like Made in Chelsea, The Rachel Zoe Project and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Hayu is accessible via most Internet-capable technologies, along with smartphones, desktops, and tablets. To begin your Hayu free trial and monthly membership, just register online. Read more to understand about the Hayu free trial U.K. and the steps involved in claiming it!

Hayu TV Free Trial
Subscribe Hayu TV any subscription plan free for 7 days
£0 £4.99

The Hayu free trial gives you access to hundreds of reality programs for seven days. You may view a range of devices with large or compact screens. Hayu is supported with P.C./Mac, iOS and Android smartphones and tablet devices, Kindle Fire, Android T.V.s, Amazon Fire T.V., Samsung TV and L.G. Television set, Roku, Telstra Television, Fetch, Chromecast/AirPlay, and Apple T.V. in the United Kingdom. Hayu is also available through Amazon Prime Services. Users may download shows to their smartphones and watch them on the move. There are no contractual obligations and users can cancel membership at any moment.

How to sign up for 7-days Hayu free trial? 

Time needed: 5 minutes.

As mentioned earlier, Hayu free trial can be claimed directly from their official website through proper registration. Though this might sound complex, it is actually a straightforward process. So let us now discuss the steps to claim your Hayu free trial U.K. 

  1. Launching the Hayu website.

    As discussed in all our guides, the first step is to navigate the official website. Then, hit the “Try for Free” button as soon as the homepage loads. Once it is done, it will redirect you to the next step. Hayu TV

  2. Analyzing the features and the various subscription plans.

    Once the new tab opens, you now have to choose the desired plan from the choices offered by the platform. The platform currently offers three subscription choices– monthly, half-yearly and annual subscriptions. Now, you can either sign-up through your Facebook account or do a manual registration.Hayu TV account

  3. Providing sign-up credentials

    You will have to provide your valid sign-up credentials on the same tab, such as your first and last name, e-mail address, and a suitable password. Once you have filled in all the credentials and checked all the boxes, hit the “Start your free trial” option underneath the tab. Now, you will visit the next page to complete the Hayu free trial process.Hayu TV sign up UK

  4. Choosing the desired plan.

    In the new tab, you will be provided with the platform three subscription plans (Monthly – £4.99, 6-months – £23.99, 12-months – £43.99), and you will have to choose one of them. Once you have selected your desired plan, hit the “Subscribe” button under the plan that you have chosen.Hayu subscription plan UK

  5. Setting up the billing information.

    Once you have hit the “Subscribe” button, you will be redirected to their billing page. In this phase, you will need to provide your valid billing credentials, such as the cardholder’s name, card type, credit/debit card number, expiration date, and CVV number. After providing this information, hit the “Submit your details” option.Hayu free trial 3 months

  6. Confirm your order.

    After clicking the “Submit your details” option, you will be redirected to the website’s order summary page. Here, the website provides you with a summary of the payment and the order reference I.D. After checking them, hit the “Continue” button to finish the process and claim your Hayu free trial. Hayu TV

How long is Hayu free trial? 

Hayu previously had three months and a one-month free trial option. Hayu 3 months free trial U.K. option came to light around the end of 2021. The three-month trial was a special offer launched by the website at a low price of £2.27. The one-month free trial option was only available for Australian audiences around 2019. Users could avail of this one-month free trial by manually registering a sign-up with the profile. 

As of now, it is only available for 7-days. This seven-day free trial includes all their premium content and shows. Users can also cancel their subscription once the trial period is over. Until the expiration of the free trial, the website does not charge any amount whatsoever. 

How much does Hayu cost after the free trial? 

Currently, there are three subscription plans available on the Hayu platform. The subscriptions include

  1. Monthly subscription: The monthly subscription is the basic plan offered by the platform. Hayu monthly subscription is priced at £4.99/month. This plan includes a 7-day Hayu free trial option as well. Other features include unlimited streaming of more than 300 shows and the privilege to stream the new shows the same day as the U.S. 
  2. 6-Month subscription: This is considered the most popular subscription on the Hayu platform. The six-month subscription plan is priced at £23.99/six-months. This subscription plan includes all the amenities offered in the monthly subscription and a 7-day free trial. 
  3. 12-month subscription: This is a yearly subscription offered by the platform and is priced at £43.99/12-months. Users can save up to 25% with a yearly subscription plan. This plan includes all the premium features and a 7-day free trial. 

Is Hayu free with Amazon Prime? 

Amazon prime Hayu free trial

Fortunately, Hayu trial is available with an Amazon Prime subscription as an add-on package. Amazon Hayu free trial is available for a period of 7-days after registering with the website. To do so,

Hayu trial on NowTV

Like the Amazon prime platform, Now T.V. also offers a Hayu trial in UK. To claim it on Hayu, follow the steps.

  • You may quickly begin a free trial if you currently have a NOW account but have never used Hayu. Simply navigate to My Account’s NOW Membership section.
  • You’ll require to log in if you haven’t previously.
  •  Then, beside the hayu Membership, select “Start free trial.”
  • Once you fill out all the valid credentials, you will be eligible for the Hayu free trial Now T.V. 

How to cancel Hayu free trial?

Hayu platform provides the privilege of canceling the membership before the trial period. To do so,  

  • To begin the procedure, simply log in and proceed to ‘My Account.’
  •  then navigate to ‘Payment Details.’ 
  • Now click the “cancel” option.


You won’t run out of material to view if you like reality programs. With new episodes being added all the time (there seem to be over 7,000 currently), there’s a significant continuous value. Of course, like any other on-demand streaming platform, the ability to start and terminate your membership at any time is an added benefit.


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